Thursday, 18 December 2008

As of Today....

As of today I will be leaving this blog behind. I have been offered a place on the staff of so if you wish to continue reading my work head on over there.

I would just like to thank everyone who read this blog.


3 New Bionic Commando Trailers

3 new gameplay trailers of Bionic Commando have been released.

New Battlestations: Pacific Trailer

A new trailer of Battlestations: Pacific has been released check it out.

Yahtzee Pilots New Show

Either love him or hate him Yahtzee has managed to make himself very well knownin the reviewer world with his acclaimed web show Zero Punctuation. Well now he is steeping infront of the camera for a new show known as Game Damage with his co-hosts Yug and Matt. Below is the Pilot for the first episode, however this is just a pilot so dont expect miracles.

FEAR 2 Multiplayer Screenshots

Some new FEAR 2 screenshots have been released. This time of the games multiplayer modes so check them out via the link.

FEAR 2 Multiplayer Screenshots

Free Radical Design Shutting down

UK developer Free Radical Design are closing their doors for good.

Last month Free Radical director Steve Ellis had this to say about the company.

"Nothing unusual is happening here"
"we certainly won't be laying off any staff today. Or, for that matter, any time in 2008,"

However news is that the complete opposite has actually occurred.

Staff working at the company were today met by closed doors to the studio and were left with instructions to head to a nearby hotel for one last company meeting.

Free Radical are best known for their Timesplitters series and the PS3 exclusive Haze, Free Radical were working on Timesplitters 4 prior to closure.

Check out for another source.

New Splatterhouse Details

New details have emerged from Namco Bandai and Bottlerocket about their upcoming remake of Splatterhouse, which will be releasing on Xbox 360 and PS3 sometime in 2009, an actual date is still yet to be announced.

Namco believes that the original graphics are best left to nostalgia so they can bring you an up to date and fresh title, however they have promised to still remain faithful to the 80's horror vibe of the original.

Among the details shed are that all of the original weapons will make a return including the 2 by 4 and the meatcleaver, while expanding on the original weapons list with new weapon classes and as they put it a few surprises.

The development team promise a lot of gore in this game saying that it's what the game is about so they are going to give it to them. You can defiantly expect this to get an M rating.

Say tuned for more details.

Another Source Joystick

Fable 2 DLC Hits Setback

Fable 2 was all set to release it's first DLC "Knothole Island" on the 22nd of this month however due to unexpected and unforeseeable technical issues the DLC has been pushed back towards the back end of January.

A post earlier on's Fable 2 page stated as such in giant red letters just in case you happen to miss it. This post states that the DLC has been delayed until late January and no concrete date has been given as yet.

So all you Fable 2 fans itching to get back into the action will just have to wait a while longer.

Take-Two Drops Champions Online

Last week Atari made a move on Cryptic Studios last week doubts fell over the studios big project other wise known as Champions Online the game that was born out of the failed Marvel Universe Online.

So due to Atari now owning the publisher of Take-Twos next big title the future of the title began to come into unrest talks went on for a week until today it was announced that Take Two would be dropping Champions after it's studio had been brought by Atari.

Take Two president Ben Feder had this to say,

"We no longer intend to publish the MMOG Champions Online due to Atari's acquisition of Cryptic,"

Take Two washing their hands of the project is to be expected really as acquisitions often put a dampener on any existing agreements between companies.

However weather Chapions Online will stick to its scheduled release slot of Spring now that Atari have taken over the publishing is still left to be seen, as when Atari mentioned Champions they just gave it a vague 2009 slot.

However it still looks likely to meet this date as developers Cryptic have upped their work effort into the game by bringing on board Bill Roper Cocreater of Diablo and Hellgate.

Champions Online is being developed for Xbox 360 and PC.