Monday, 15 February 2010

Dante's Inferno Patch Incoming

The team working on Dante's Inferno have just revealed via Twitter that a patch is underway in order to correct some problems in the game.

The patch appears to be focusing on an error in the Circle of Greed, the tweet reads;

"We apologize for the error in the circle Greed, an update is underway. Spread the word that an update is coming"

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New Resident Evil 5 Character Trailers

Below you will find to new trailers of Barry and Rebecca two of the new charcters to appear in the upcoming Reident Evil 5: Gold Edition.

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Fable III Gets New Continent And A New Race

Peter Molyneux has confirmed that Fable III will be set in a new continent separate to Albion. As well as this it was also confirmed that there will be a whole new race of inhabitants.

When asked about the new ares he simply responded,

"yes, it will have new races and a whole new environment."

Pretty simple however this will be the first time the Fable series has ventured outside of Albion.

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XBL Deal of The Week

This weeks Xbox Live Deal of the Week has been revealed by Major Nelson.

This week it's the XBLA title Battlefield 1943, this highly rated arcade game is another addition to the Battlefield series and it can be yours for just 800 MSP until the 22nd February.

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