Friday, 12 December 2008

Fable 2 DLC Achievement Update

With the new DLC for Fable 2 due out in a few weeks details of the new achievements that Lionhead will be adding as part of the "Knothole Island" DLC have been released. The achievements total 100 GS allowing possible DLC in the future as Lionhead still have another 150 GS to play with.

The Collector 25
Acquire all the mystery items in The Box of Secrets shop, or see another Hero do so.

The Meteorologist 50
Bring all of Knothole Island’s weather problems under control, or help another Hero to do so.

The Bibliophile 25
Find all the books detailing the history of Knothole Island, or help another Hero to do so.

Rise Of The Argonauts Trailer

Codemasters have just released a new Rise Of the Argonauts trailer check it out.

New Dragon Age: Origins Screens

Bioware have released some new screens of its soon to be released RPG known as Dragon Age: Origins over at Eurogamer. I don't personally know much about this game but if you do then go check them out.

Dragon Age Gameplay Video


Midnight Club: LA DLC

Rockstar have just announced that it will be releasing a massive DLC pack for it's newest game MC:LA the pack will be released early next year an exact date and price is still unknown at this time. The pack will be known as "The South Central Upgrade Map" this new map is about 1/3 of the original MC:LA map and will include many LA landmarks, what's more it will be completely free.

As well as this free content premium content will also be available for download alongside it in the shape of "The South Central Content Pack" this will include;

- New Character Competitions
- News Races
- New Cars
- New Music

The new vehicles in this DLC include a variety of cars, a motorcycle and an SUV.

Stay Tuned for more details when they are released.

Guitar Hero: Metallica Track List

The track list for Guitar Hero Metallica has been released, well half of it anyway. There are a total of 45 songs set to be in the game and round about half of them have been revealed. Guitar Hero: Metallica will be released on Xbox 360 in 2009. However be aware that not all the songs will be by Metallica, some of them will be by bands that Metallica see as favourites of theirs.

Track List
Enter Sandman
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Hit The Lights
King Nothing
Master Of Puppets
No Leaf Clover
Nothing Else Matters
Sad But True
The Unforgiven
Where I May Roam
Alice In Chains - No Excuses
Bob Segar - Turn The Page
Judas Preist - Hell Bent For Leather
Kyuss - Demon Cleaner
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesdays Gone
Mastadon - Blood And Thunder
Michael Schenker Group - Armed And Ready
Samhain - Mother Of Mercy
The Sword - Black River
Queen - Unknown
The Foofighters - Unknown
Slayer - Unknown

New Final Fantasy 13 & 13 Versus Trailers

Two new trailers from squares latest entry to the Final Fantasy series have surfaced and have been posted over at There is one trailer for Final Fantasy XIII and another for Final Fantasy XIII Versus so go check them out either by heading over to the original post or by going directly to the video pages your choice. But if your looking forward to Final Fantasy I suggest you head over to and check out the info they have. Anyway enjoy.

Original Post At

Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Final Fantasy XIII Versus Trailer

New Lips DLC

The 360's newest Kareoke game and a personal favourite of mine Lips has just recieved a new set of festive holiday DLC. A lot of Christmas songs have been added to get you in the festive mood and make you feel all warm inside. The tracks cost 160 points each. Head over to the marketplace now to download them and get singing.

Lips DLC - 160 Points Each
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Gene Autry
Rockin Around The Christmas Tree -Brenda Lee
The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole
White Christmas - Bing Crosby
Santa Baby - Kylie Minogue
Hanukkah Blessings - Barenaked Ladies
A Holly Jolly Christmas - Burl Ives

What I'm Playing - 12/12/2008 - 7:00PM

Right well as you know I've been playing Fallout 3 in order to create the play diary for you all to read and follow. I've played about 3/4's of an hour of that and I've just reached Megaton.

I've also been playing some more Lips chipping away towards those last few achievements. I sang a few more songs to add some more medals towards my 500x medal achievement and I uploaded some more songs to my Lips library in order to progress towards the upload 300 songs to Lips achievement. Lips is a game that's going to take some time to complete. The album that i uploaded this time was by a man known as Lonnie Donegan, you have probably never heard of him he is a singer from the 1950's his songs are a good laugh you may have heard of my old man's a Dustman by him, if not a copy of it is below have a listen see what you think.

Reason Behind Rise Of The Argonauts UK Delay

Codemasters have stepped up and explained why there is no Rise of the Argonauts for us UK gamers. The game should have been on our store shelves last Friday along with the rest of Europe however as stated in an earlier post the date have been moved back to 6th Febuary 2009. The reason Codemasters says is due to a lack of retail space on store shelves at the present time, Codemasters issued the following statement.

"It was quite literally a retail issue,"

"We tried to get the game into retail here in the UK in line with everybody else, but they simply could not offer us the shelf space that the game deserved at such a busy time within the retail sector."

"As a result, we decided to hold back the UK launch of the game until we could get the shelf space we believe the title deserves."

So there you have it us UK gamers will just have to wait.

Edge - Batman: Arkham Asylum

Edge online have had a chance to play around and take a look over the newest Batman game coming out for the 360 next year. Is this just another movie opportunity release or is this set to be a blockbuster worthy of standing on it's own. Personally I think it can survive as a standalone game quite easily from what I've seen so far the graphics look impressive which is always a good start but Head on over to edge using the link below to decide for yourself.

Edge Inside Batman: Arkham Asylum

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 2

Part 2 of our Fallout 3 journey begins enjoy.

Here we are looking out over the baron landscape with not exactly much to see.
If your looking for an evil game and fancy some items.
Look to the left form the cliff and you'll see a town.
Lets head down there.
Well done you have discovered Springvale.
At the junction turn to the right.
In front of you on the left you will see a house head inside it.
There is a lady inside.
If you want free items and don't mind being evil kill her and rob her if not listen to what she has to say and leave.
Open your PIP BOY go to the world map and quick travel back to the vault.
Face in the direction the arrow below your health bar is pointing in and you will see a structure that is Megaton your next destination. Lets head there.
Well done you have discovered Megaton. Head inside.

You will run into Lucas Simms Town Sheriff gather what you can form him about your dad and continue.
Head to Crater side supply to sell your gathered items to make some caps.
Buy any new equipment you need and then leave.
Head up to Moriarty's Saloon.
Have a chat to Gob the local Ghoul and gather some info.
If your speech is enough you can get some info on your Dad.
Go and speak with Moriarty in the back if your speech is high enough you can lie and find the info you need if not you will have to pay or hack his terminal your choice.
After this you will learn your dad headed to Galaxy News Radio time to leave Megaton.

That's it stay tuned for Part 3...

GTA IV & Midnight Club: LA Prize Events

Rockstar has scheduled a weekend of GTA IV live events and activities for players. Prizes are available to the winners of these events and include shopping sprees on Rockstar's online store.

Also the same thing is available for Midnight Club players this Sunday so get online and join in.

More Info Rockstar Social Club

GTA IV - 12th December 11PM (GMT) Until 13th December 2AM (GMT)
Midnight Club:LA - 14th December 5PM (GMT) Until 14th December 9PM (GMT)

Team Fortress 2 Update..Update

A few months back Valve announced they would be providing an update to the 360 version of Team Fortress 2. This update will include everything that has been released for the PC version of the game. However since the announcement Valve have gone very quiet on the subject until today. Valve posted some information on their site saying that they are actively working on the update however no release date has been mentioned. I'm guessing it was just a quick hello we haven't forgotten sort of thing. Oh well keep waiting folks.

Gears 2 Patched Again

Epic has released a second patch for Gears of War 2 multiplayer matches. After the problems still persisted after the first title update Epic have been hard at work trying to fix this. Hopefully this second patch will mark the end of the long waiting times for matches who knows?

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 1 - 12/12/2008

Here it is my first Play Diary as promised.I will not be trying to avoid spoilers really as I'm just going to tell it as I see it so if you don't want the story spoiled then don't read on. I will offer a quick guideline of where to go and what to do however this is not a walkthrough and if you try and use it like one you will get lost quick, there of plenty of places such as for walkthroughs if you require one. This Diary will record me going out into the Fallout world in order to find the 20 Vault Tec Bobbleheads required for the achievement. After I have collected these I may carry on with the main story if you so wish. Any way enjoy part 1.

Here we start at the main menu I've selected New Game and away we go.

The opening cutscene Rolls playing a song that has really got stuck in my head
"I don't want to set the world on fire" As the apocalyptic world unfolds before us.

Now we emerge as a new born baby looking up at our father and now the choices begin, sex, name, appearance etc and then oh dear somethings gone really wrong.

And yet another flash Of Light.

It's one year later and we're a little baby, The quest "Baby Steps" begins.
Now we have to exit the play pen, read a nice little book, select some stats.
The your Dad returns tells you about a nice little verse your mom likes.

You guessed it another flash.

Now it's your 10th birthday and you get you PIP BOY 3000. Quest added "Growing Up"
Walk round chat to some people then get some presents before your dad tells you about a special present. Head down to the reactor room and meet up with Jonas.
Here your given your first gun and go get some target practice.
Shoot the targets and then the radroach then pose for a photo.

Another flash.

Your now 16 in your Dads office your trying to get off sick from taking a GOAT exam,
(It will be explained in the game I promise). Your dad has none of it and forces you to go.
Quest "Future Imperfect"
And here is our first Bobblehead as soon as you say buy to Dad look on his desk
the medicine Bobblehead is there pick it up, 1 down 19 to go.
Head out the room and round past Butch and the gang to the test room.
Take a seat in the class and wait for the test to begin.
Answer the multiple choice questions don't worry you can't fail.
After the test talk to the teacher and you can choose to add some points to some of your stats
now leave the room.

Another flash.

It's 3 years later you are rudely awakened.
It's all gone wrong your Dad has done a runner out the vault and now everyone is after you Jonas has been murdered.
Amata gives you a gun collect your stuff off the desk and leave the room.
Let the radroaches kill the officer then finish them off before robbing his body.
Equip your new armour and gun and continue.
Butch will run into you choose to help him or not.
Continue up to the Atrium.
After speaking to Officer Gomez and others continue on.
Kill the two Officers in this room and take their items and ammo.
Move through the Ratroach infested corridor and past the man banging on the window.
Kill the officer int he control room and rob the items and the janitors items.
Continue on and you'll find Amata and the Overseer watch the scene unfold.
Choose wether to kill the overseer or not get a copy of the office key and terminal password. Head towards his office.
Once in the office be sure to raid the locker for ammo and items then activate the terminal.
Choose to open the passage and head down it and through the door.
Head along the corridor and through the door to the vault entrance.
Activate the door switch and kill the tow officers that emerge.
Speak with Amata then head outside.
Head through the door to the capital wasteland and make any last changes to your
You emerge bleary eyed into the big wide world, well whats left with it.
Congrats you have leveled up and escaped the vault arrange your new points and prepare.

Sit back and wait for part 2...

What I'm Playing - 12/12/2008 - 3:00PM

Well I've spent most the day watching Pushing Daises Season 2 a fantastic show that I really enjoy a little clip is below.

Apart from that I've been playing Lips for the last hour or so working towards a few more achievements. I got another 2 challenge wins online taking me up 12/20 that I need to get the achievement. I also added a few more medals to my collection towards the 500x medals that I need and finally I added Muses - Black Holes and Revelations Album to my Lips music Library to move me closer to the import 300 songs achievement.

Apart form this not much gameplaying been going on, stay tuned though as my first Play Diary for Fallout 3 will be up later on today.

Xbox Live Snow Globe

The xbox live team released a free holiday theme just last week and now they have followed up the festive cheer with an Xbox Live Snow Globe this little application is free to all and will be released in all regions. It doesn't require a download and can be found in the Spotlight section of the dashboard. Just launch the app form there. It will automatically place your friends avatars into the snow globe where you can proceed to shake them round until your hearts content using A or X. A link to the original post on Major Nelsons Blog can be found below.

Xbox Live Snow Globe

However be aware that it might not be in your Spotlight section just yet depending on your region as it is up to the local Xbox teams for each region to decide when they put it up.

Eurogamer Get Hands On With Race Pro

Race Pro is a new racing simulator from team SimBin. I am personally watching this game closely being a big fan of racing games. This is being touted as the most realistic racing game out there however many games over the years have carried that tag, can Race Pro live up to the hype. Head over to Eurogamer using the link below to see what they make of their time with the game. Also I've included a video of some in game footage so you can judge for yourselves.

Race Pro Hands On Eurogamer

Xbox 360 UK Christmas Deals

To all you poeple looking to buy a 360 game for a loved one this Christmas but are feeling that te prices are just to high during this economical climate, or to those who own 360 and are looking for a cheap new game to sink their teeth into then look no further. Below are some of the best deals on the newest games on the 360 this Christmas time in the UK. These prices come curtersy of so go check out their website if you get a chance I'm personally a member and it's a fantastic community.

Original Post On

Mirrors Edge - £24.46
Far Cry 2 - £17.99
Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts - £24.46
Dead Space - £27.39
Fallout 3 - £27.39
Too Human - £12.97

Fallout 3 DLC Screens

New screens have been released by Bethesda today showing off their new upcoming Fallout 3 DLC that was detailed yesterday. The DLC is set for release in January. The screens can be found over at the electronic theater via the link below.

Fallout 3 DLC Screens

Rise Of The Argonauts UK date.

Codemasters have today announced a UK release date for Rise Of The Argonauts which hit store shelves in America this week. The release date is scheduled for 6th February 2009 across all platforms.

For more details on the game visit

Major Nelson Podcast Episode 301

Xbox Lives Major Nelson has released a new podcast containing the latest 360 news and interviews with the greats in the business from Mr Xbox himself. I personally enjoy listening to this podcast and I'd recommend it to you to, so give it a shot it can't hurt.

Major Nelson Podcast 301

Xbox 360 Fanboy Podcast Episode 94

The people over at have put up their newest podcast it is an excellent listen in my opinion and I recommend you to give it s hot to. If your into the latest xbox 360 news and reviews then give this a listen great bunch of guys and an excellent podcast.

Xbox 360 Fanboy Episode 94

GTA IV DLC New Screens/Info

The Lost and Damned DLC for GTA IV over on has received 3 new screen shots sure it's not much but to you GTA fans who are hungry to get your hands on this piece of DLC then it will keep you going a while longer. Also included was some more information on what the DLC has to offer.

The Lost And Damned GTA IV
- New Main Character/Johnny Klebitz
- New Missions
- New Multiplayer Modes
- New Weapons
- New Vehicles
- New Music

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3

Zero Punctuation

Our favorite video game reviewer Zero Punctuation otherwise known as Ben Croshaw has gone and reviewed Left 4 Dead on the 360 however I warn you if you like this game it would maybe be better if you don't watch it. There are also some links to other 360 games that he has covered recently. Enjoy.

Fallout 3 Review
Guitar Hero World Tour
Mirrors Edge
Left 4 Dead