Friday, 12 December 2008

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 1 - 12/12/2008

Here it is my first Play Diary as promised.I will not be trying to avoid spoilers really as I'm just going to tell it as I see it so if you don't want the story spoiled then don't read on. I will offer a quick guideline of where to go and what to do however this is not a walkthrough and if you try and use it like one you will get lost quick, there of plenty of places such as for walkthroughs if you require one. This Diary will record me going out into the Fallout world in order to find the 20 Vault Tec Bobbleheads required for the achievement. After I have collected these I may carry on with the main story if you so wish. Any way enjoy part 1.

Here we start at the main menu I've selected New Game and away we go.

The opening cutscene Rolls playing a song that has really got stuck in my head
"I don't want to set the world on fire" As the apocalyptic world unfolds before us.

Now we emerge as a new born baby looking up at our father and now the choices begin, sex, name, appearance etc and then oh dear somethings gone really wrong.

And yet another flash Of Light.

It's one year later and we're a little baby, The quest "Baby Steps" begins.
Now we have to exit the play pen, read a nice little book, select some stats.
The your Dad returns tells you about a nice little verse your mom likes.

You guessed it another flash.

Now it's your 10th birthday and you get you PIP BOY 3000. Quest added "Growing Up"
Walk round chat to some people then get some presents before your dad tells you about a special present. Head down to the reactor room and meet up with Jonas.
Here your given your first gun and go get some target practice.
Shoot the targets and then the radroach then pose for a photo.

Another flash.

Your now 16 in your Dads office your trying to get off sick from taking a GOAT exam,
(It will be explained in the game I promise). Your dad has none of it and forces you to go.
Quest "Future Imperfect"
And here is our first Bobblehead as soon as you say buy to Dad look on his desk
the medicine Bobblehead is there pick it up, 1 down 19 to go.
Head out the room and round past Butch and the gang to the test room.
Take a seat in the class and wait for the test to begin.
Answer the multiple choice questions don't worry you can't fail.
After the test talk to the teacher and you can choose to add some points to some of your stats
now leave the room.

Another flash.

It's 3 years later you are rudely awakened.
It's all gone wrong your Dad has done a runner out the vault and now everyone is after you Jonas has been murdered.
Amata gives you a gun collect your stuff off the desk and leave the room.
Let the radroaches kill the officer then finish them off before robbing his body.
Equip your new armour and gun and continue.
Butch will run into you choose to help him or not.
Continue up to the Atrium.
After speaking to Officer Gomez and others continue on.
Kill the two Officers in this room and take their items and ammo.
Move through the Ratroach infested corridor and past the man banging on the window.
Kill the officer int he control room and rob the items and the janitors items.
Continue on and you'll find Amata and the Overseer watch the scene unfold.
Choose wether to kill the overseer or not get a copy of the office key and terminal password. Head towards his office.
Once in the office be sure to raid the locker for ammo and items then activate the terminal.
Choose to open the passage and head down it and through the door.
Head along the corridor and through the door to the vault entrance.
Activate the door switch and kill the tow officers that emerge.
Speak with Amata then head outside.
Head through the door to the capital wasteland and make any last changes to your
You emerge bleary eyed into the big wide world, well whats left with it.
Congrats you have leveled up and escaped the vault arrange your new points and prepare.

Sit back and wait for part 2...

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