Monday, 15 December 2008

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 9

Right now lets take some time out to go look for some Bobbleheads with part 9.

Right last time we left we had found Dad and gone to Rivet City.

Now we're going to go pick up a few odd Bobbleheads that are off the beaten track.
Fast Travel to Springvale.
Head in a North/North West direction from Springvale under the crumbling bridge.
Until you reach mini town.
Congratulations you found Big Town
Don't worry we aren't stopping.
From here head again in a North/North West direction until you reach Paradise Falls.
Talk to the guard agree to help him and you will be allowed in.
Head into paradise falls.
However if you don't help him first and just run in like I did.
Prepare for hell!
Every slaver in this camp is going to want your head so fight for it!
Once they have fallen take 5 minutes and rob them all just for fun.
When you have had your moment head into Eulogy's Pad.
Head through to the back room.
This guys kind of sick to be honest.
And I don't even want to know how that body got up there!
Anyway it's none of my business.
So head to the desk in the back corner of the room next to the safe.
There it is Bobble head number 5 "Speech"
Pick it up and we have 5/20.
Now leave Paradise falls and bask in the fact that you destroyed a whole town for one little doll.

Sit back and wait for part 10...

Fallout 3 DLC Interview

Looking for information on the first DLC for Bethesdas excellent RPG Fallout 3 then look no further. The people over at have managed to get an interview with none other than the lead producer for the fallout 3 DLC, Jeff Gardiner. Gamesblog pick out as much information on the DLC as they can get from him, by the end you will know everything you could ever want to know about it, so what you waiting for go get it.

Fallout 3 DLC Interview

GTA IV Lost And Damned Preview

For all you people who are eager for any information you can gather on the new GTA DLC gamesrader have just put up a preview of the soon to be released DLC, the preview contains a trailer and some new screenshots, as well as a look at what will actually be included in the DLC. So go check it out via the link.

GTA Lost And Damned Preview

Terminator Salvation Trailer

Halcyon have just released a teaser trailer of its upcoming game Terminator Salvation.

This game is due for release on Xbox 360 in quarter 2 of 2009.

Xbox Avatars Run Free

Microsoft have announced a new service that allows to take your avatar out of it's home and have some fun with it.

This service enables you to import your avatar and place it on a background of your choosing, also you can add a line of text and make your avatar pose. You can then save this image and export it to do with as you please.

However the service is still in its early days and so is a little limited, only a handful of backgrounds are available, only one line of text can be added and only 1 pose is available. Hopefully in the future more will be added to this service.

Anyway Enjoy Free Your Avatar (Be aware service is running a little slowly so be patient)

Star Ocean 4 New Screenshots

New screenshots and box art have been revealed of Squares latest game Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope.

This game is due out in 2009 for Xbox 360.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

Box Art

Japan's Superior Artistic Themes

The people over at have just posted a very interesting article on how Japanese game artists use their artistic ways more effectively in order to catch the game players imagination as opposed to western developers who think action is the way to go, this is easy to see in the difference between a western RPG and a JRPG as the article explains. I recommend you give it a read you wont be disappointed.

Japans Superior Artistic Themes

The Precursors New Screenshots

New Screenshots have been released of Deep Shadows latest game The Precursors.

The Precursors is set for release in Quarter 2 of 2009 for Xbox 360.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4
Screenshot 5

Warner Bros Increases Eidos Shares

Eidos' business dealings have been all but brilliant over the last year. Although they have been releasing games they racked up loses of £99 million in September. They have been the target of many a take over rumor from the likes of EA all the way to Square Enix.

However one company appears to be slowly but surely making move on Eidos and that is Time Warner or Warner Bros, the company already has a stake of over 40 million shares in Eidos and today they went and snapped up yet another 10 million shares as stated in the British magazine MCV. This takes Warner Bro's stake in Eidos to over 19%, it would appear only a matter of time before Warner Bro's make a move.

Especially considering that last year Warner Bro's purchased Travelers Tales, will Eidos be next on the list?

What does all this mean for the British gaming industry?

Xbox Live Market Place Roundup Monday

People are buzzing about he new Gears DLC being released today however there are many other marketplace updates that have been released today here's a roundup.

Xbox Originals

Raze's Hell - 1200 Points
Sega Soccer Slam - 1200 Points


Gears Of War 2 - "Combustible Map Pack" - 800 Points
Mercenaires 2 - "Blow It Up Again" - Free (Until end of the year)
The Last Remnant - "March To War Set" - 100 Points


Shaun White Snowboarding - Dev Diary - Free
Mafia 2 - Christmas Confessions - Free

Endwar - Spetsnaz Guard - 150 Points
Saints Row 2 - Theme - 150 Points
N+ - Premium Theme - 250 Points

Gears Of War 2 DLC Videos

The people over at D pad have just released some new gameplay videos of the 3 new Gears 2 DLC maps. The videos are shown below use them to decide weather or not you think this is really worth your 800 points.

Fuel Station

Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Pear Jam Now Confirmed For Rock Band

I posted yesterday about a rumor heading round that Pearl Jam's album "Ten" would be hitting the market place for download in March for Rock Band 1 and 2.

Well today Harmonix confirmed that the album will indeed be coming to the Rock Band music store on the date of March 24th 2009 to coincide with the re-release of the album in music stores.

One track from the album "Alive" is already available for download and the other 10 tracks will be available on the date above.

Pearl Jam - Ten
2.Even Flow.
3.Why Go

Pearl Jam "Ten" Album details

Need For Speed Still Kicking?

Yesterday I posted stating that the Need for Speed series would more than likely be coming to an end with the closing of EA's Black Box division due to finance issues.

However Joystick have received a tip from an undisclosed EA official stating what is actually happening over at EA.

He states that the Black Box division will more than likely close down however this doesn't mean the end of Need for Speed. He claims that NFS and the Skate franchise will both be moved to a larger studio called Burnaby.

He also mentioned that the next NFS title will be made using the Burnout engine and that the goal will be to produce 1 Need for Speed Title every year.

However this is still to be confirmed.

GTA Lost & Damned Trailer

Last night saw the unveiling of the new GTA IV : Lost and Damned trailer so check it out if your waiting for this.

Mafia 2 Screenshots

New screenshots of Mafia 2 have been revealed check them out via the link.

Mafia 2 Screenshots

Mercenaries 2 DLC Now Available

Pandemic has just released their free DLC pack for Mercenaries 2.

The DLC is known as "Blow it Up Again" and is free from the marketplace untill the end of the year. The pack weighs in at 377MB so go check it out.

Blow It Up Again - Free
New Game Modes - Urban Rampage, Death Race, Arms Race
New Characters

Fight Night Round 4 Trailer

A new trailer of Fight Night Round 4 has surfaced so check it out an see what you make of it.

Ninja Blade Trailer

A new Ninja Blade trailer has been revealed check it out via the link.

Ninja Blade Trailer

Ninja Blade is developed by "From Software" and is due for release in Japan in January.

Xbox 360 For under £100

Zavvi have decided to take the xbox 360 market by storm, with just one week to Christmas the retailer has decided to sash the price of the arcade SKU down to £99.99, with the premium at £149.99 and the elite at £199.99.

If your looking for that Xbox 360 as a present you wont find a cheaper deal than this.

Will this start a console price war on the run to Christmas?

A spokesperson from Zavvi said.

"Our organization believes in giving our customers the best deal and service. We've put in place some great offers on Xbox hardware, giving customers the best value possible in the run up to Xmas. We appreciate how people's wallets are being tightened because of the economy."

Brutal Legends Premiere Trailer

The first trailer of EA's Brutal legend was also revealed last night check it out and see what you think.

Dante's Inferno New Trailer

A premiere trailer for Dante's Inferno was revealed last night check it out below.

Gears 2 DLC Now Available

The new Gears DLC that was announced last night is now availble via the Xbox Live marketplace. The new DLC is know as the "Combustible Map Pack" and will cost 800 MS points.

Combustible Map Pack - 800 Points
- Flood - A flow of imulsion shapes the battle.
- Gold Rush - Fight away in an imulsion factory, with multiple levels and explosions.
- Fuel Station - Battling around an abandoned fuel station.

Major Nelson VGA Live Chat

If your keeping up to date with the VGA's or if you are actually planning on watching them either on TV or via the live web stream then don't be lonely.

Larry Hryb otherwise known as Xbox Live's Major Nelson has set up a live chat event over at so that you can discuss what's happening at the VGA's and who is going to win or you can just chat about what ever you wish. Major himself will be stopping by at some point during the show and some other special guests also. Anyway the chat kicks off at 9PM Easter Time so check it out.

Major Nelsons VGA Chat Event

VGA Best Movie Game

Yet another announcement from the VGA's.

This time it's the turn of Best Movie Game.

The winner is.......

Lego Indiana Jones

Rumor - Rock Band Pear Jam Album

Rumors are surfacing that Rock Band will be getting Pearl Jam's album "Ten" the release date is stated to be March for both Rock Band 1 and 2. This is another rumor surfacing from the VGA pre show. The tracks from the album are..

Even Flow
Why Go

The prices will more than likely be the usual. 160 MS points per track.

More details as they come.