Saturday, 13 December 2008

50 Cent: Blood In The Sand Achievements

The achievements for 50 Cents new game Blood in the Sand have been revealed.This game will be released at some point during 2009.

Check the achievements out via the link.

50 Cent: Blood In The Sand Achievement List

Resident Evil 5 Ad, Jill's Death?

A new advertisement for the soon to be released Resident Evil 5 shows the main character Chris Redfield kneeling next to Jill Valentines grave placing flowers upon it.

What does this mean?

Does this mean Jill's death will play a part in the story?

You will have to wait until March 2009 when the game is released to find out, or wait for more details to surface at a later date.

Resident Evil 5 Ad

Win Braid XBLA For Free!

Courtesy of Spike TV, they are running a promotion in preparation for tomorrows VGA's (Video Game Awards). They are giving away 7000 downloads of 4 A list indie titles. One from each of the 4 main hitters, XBLA, PSN, Wiiware and Steam. The download for XBLA is Braid, all you are required to do is submit an email address to be entered into a draw, if you win you get the free download.

However things always have a catch and the catch here is marketing...

The event is being sponsored by Mountain Dew who will probably want to send all the email address' entered a lot of marketing emails to promote their products, however if you don't mind this then go ahead you may get lucky.

The promotion will run from now until 9PM (US Eastern Time) tomorrow.

Enter Here

Good Luck

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 4

Here we have Part 4 of our wasteland adventure.

Right we have emerged from the subway at Chevy Chase North, lets Find Galaxy News.

From the exit of the station head left in front you will see a destroyed building.
Head that way and you will come across 2 super mutants.
Lets take them on!
Battle with them until some soldiers come up to save you.
Speak with the Blonde one.
This is Lucy Captain of the Brotherhood of Steel.
Follow the Brotherhood as they wind there way through the destroyed buildings.
They will lead you to Galaxy News Radio and take a lot of bullets.
Congratulations you discovered GNR.
Now comes the fun part, what was that noise???
OMG It's a giant Behemoth RUNNNN!!!
Oh no wait lets fight it!
Once he falls rob its body and head into GNR.
Once inside head up the stairs and head into the studios.
Head up the stairs to the right and speak with 3 dog.
If your speech is high enough you can trick 3 dog into thinking your Dad can help.
If you are successful like I was then he will tell you your Dad went to Rivet City.
Lets Go!
Before heading off I suggest going back to Megaton to offload some stuff and restock.
I also popped into my house, which you get for disarming the Nuke.
In here there is a stand which you can activate and play your collected bobbleheads on, it looks good, so go place the medicine one on now.
Now Quick travel to Farrugut Metro Station and prepare for the journey to Rivet City.

Part 5 coming soon...

Utorrent 1.9 Alpha

Again I know this isn't 360 related and this is the last software related post I promise. But I if you use P2P to download then you are familiar with torrents and familiar with this software. Utorrent is probably the best P2P client there is and the people who develop it have released the alpha builds of Utorrent 1.9, I'm personally using this version myself and have had no problems. So If you are a 1.8.1 user or a user of a different client and want the latest version give this a go.

Utorrent 1.9 Alpha

Firefox 3.2 Alpha 1 Pre

Now I know this isn't 360 related but I thought I'd share with you the browser I am using at the moment. With the official release of Firefox 3.0 out of the way the browser is getting better by the day and with the Betas being rolled out of Firefox 3.1, Mozzilla are busy working the first parts of Firefox 3.2. Sure this browser is only a pre alpha build but I've never had any problems with it and it is incredibly fast from what I have seen. So give it a go you can always revert back if you don't like it as it wont override your current Firefox browser.

Firefox 3.2 Alpha 1 Pre

Microsoft Have Your Xbox, But It's In My House!

Ryan is sitting looking at his Xbox 360 flashing the good old red rings of death at his face and has no clue what to do. Your probably all thinking just send it off to MS and they will repair it. However he has tried that and Microsoft are telling him they still have his Xbox and therefore he can't send it off to them.

Read the full story at

Disney Wants EA

EA were in the takeover news most of this year due to their many failed bids to acquire Take Two Interactive. Howveer there are now rumours spreading round in the Wall Street Journel saying that Disney would be prepared to make a bid for EA. The rumours began after a Disney spokesperson claimed that an attractive and strategic purchase would be better for the company rather than developing more in house games. Due to EA's stock being so low at the moment people instantly begin to reach the conclusion that EA would be the target.

But what would this mean for the games industry, could Disney truly understand the way main stream gaming worked to continue the success EA have had?

However this is just speculation and maybe something will come of it or maybe it will just fade away.

Why Gears Of War 2 Isn't Great

It's not very often an article is posted saying negative things about Gears but over at they have done just that, posting an article about why the Gears combat system is broken. Take a read and see if you agree...

Why Gears of War 2's Combat Is Broken

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 3

Here we have Part 3 and we're on the search for Galaxy News Radio and Our Dad...

Right we're currently standing outside Megaton, time to find Dad.

Open up your PIP BOY and take a look at the Map.
See the dotted lines that's where we are headed so follow the line and head for the first dot.
Set off in an Easterly direction along the line.
Pop by the super Duper Mart and pick off the raiders outside for some items.
From the super duper mart look in the direction of the dot and you will see a metro station over the river.
I'll risk the few rads of poisoning and swim over the river.
Congratulations you have found Farragut West Metro Station.
Head down the steps and into the station.
Follow the linear path through the station until you come to some stairs down.
Head down those until you reach a set of metal stairs heading up at the top head through the door on the left.
Those Ghouls don't look friendly.
Activate the terminal and stop the gas flow.
Grab the gate key from the first aid box.
Head back out and unlock the gate in front of you take out the ghouls.
Head through the door in front of you ignoring the stairs.
Follow the stairs up and head through the door to Friendship station.
Whats this a sign pointing to Galaxy News Radio?
Follow it off to the right through the little connecting tunnel.
Turn right at the end and head up the tunnel.
Oh Dear Lord whats that!
It's our first Super Mutant take him down!
Once he's gone head up the escalator and follow the corridor to the exit.
Congratulations you have discovered Chevy Chase North.

Part 4 coming soon....

Wheelman New Screens & Videos

Midway have just released some new in game trailers and screenshots of their upcoming game Wheelman starring Vin Diesel.

The game is set for release on Xbox 360 February 2009.

Wheelman Trailers

Wheelman Screenshots

New Skate 2 Trailer

Skate 2 is set for a January release date and EA has just revealed a new trailer for the game. This trailer walks you through the new graphics creator feature in Skate 2. Enjoy

Rumor - Guitar Hero: Metallica New Features

Again the rumor mill is churning and this time in the direction of the new Guitar Hero game. Yesterday I posted about the leaked track list, well half of it, and now rumors have started flying round the internet about new features that will be included in the game.

Guitar Hero: Metallica Features
- Expert Plus Mode - This will test even the best drummer with the use of Dual Kick pedals.
- Bonus Video Content
- Drum Fill Mode
- Pop Up Videos Of Metallica

These features have neither been confirmed or denied and I will update as I know.

Please remember though that these are just rumors.

New Final Fantasy 13 Concept Art

For any Final Fantasy fans who are interested and are following the details of FF13, a new piece of concept art has made it's way onto the internet. It's nothing to go crazy it's just one picture but to Final Fantasy fans it could be the fix you need. The art can be viewed via the link on

Concept Art

Final Fantasy 13 is due for release on Xbox 360 at some point in 2009.

Need For Speed: Undercover Patch Soon..

EA's Black Box division who are in danger of getting axed, as was discussed in an earlier post, have announced they are working on a patch to fix any problems in the game, in an effort to boost sales. The patch details are yet to be announced but are based on feeback given on the official forums. EA made this statement on the subject,

“We wanted to let everyone know that the game team is currently hard at work developing a patch for Undercover for PS3, 360 and PC. We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing all the feedback from the community. Thank you! At this point we don’t have a confirmed release date or fix list but we thought it was important to let everyone know that a patch is in progress. As soon as we’ve got more news we’ll let everyone know.”

Stay tuned for more details..

New Releases - Week - December 15th

With the Christmas period releases are few and far between with many developers already having their Christmas games out the door and on shelves early in order to maximize sales, but there are still a few.

AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack

Rise Of The Argonauts

50 Cent Offers A Challenge

50 Cent has his own game being published by THQ due out in January. He says that he has had some time to play his own game and has gotten pretty good at it, as a result he is calling out any gamers who think they can beat him. He came out with this statement below.

"If anybody out there wants to create a challenge or wants to bet some money online, we could play the game right now."

Here's a copy of the Interview, so come and take him on if you think you can.

Major Nelsons Podcast Episode 302

Xbox lives Major Nelson has just released his newest Podcast, I enjoy listening to his podcast as they contain a lot of interviews with some big hitters in the Xbox world. Anyway I urge you to take a listen you wont be disappointed.

Major Nelson Podcast Episode 302

Mirror's Edge & Dead Space Sequels

There is a strong possibility that we will be seeing sequels to both Mirror's Edge and Dead Space in the next coming years after EA spoke about them recently. Due to their rapid success in the charts EA are looking to push these IP's forward. The following was said by EA's John Riccitiello,

"We're very pleased with a lot of our new franchises this year. Spore... [looks like an] ongoing franchise, Dead Space looks like a long-term big winner for us... Warhammer will continue to perform very well."

"Mirror's Edge was very strongly reviewed - That one's going to go forward. We'll be looking at some issues around the design to make sure that strong IP is married with strong business."

So stay tuned for announcements by EA on these titles in the future.

NPD Sales November

The list of the top 20 games sold over November 2008 in the US has been released and the Xbox 360 has managed to get 7 titles into the top 20 claiming both the top spot and the number 2 slot with Gears 2 and COD:WOW respectively. Left 4 Dead was the only other 360 title to break into the top 10 sales. Sadly Fable 2 has dropped from the number 1 spot last month down into a sad 19th spot this month, Lionhead will be hoping that this months DLC will pick sales up again. Check out the full top 20 list via the link.

NPD Top 20 November

X-Blades New Screenshots

New screenshots have been released of X-Blades. This is a game developed by Gaijin Entertainment and Topware Interactive it follows Ayumi, a brave a beautiful thrill seeker, who's obsession with hunting treasures leads to the fight of her life. The game uses an Anime inspired art style so check the screens out and see what you make of it.

X-Blades Screenshots

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Trailer + Screens

Namco Bandai games have today released the first trailer and some new screenshots of its upcoming game Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2. This game is set for release in 2009.



Need For Speed Might Be Over?

Due to the failing economy many business are having to make cuts and sadly people will lose jobs. This is also true of games companies such as Midway being very close to administration. The next to be hit are the untouchables EA. As a result of the declining economy they have announced that they will be cutting back on expenditure, and news is spreading across the net that it will be EA's Black Box division that get the cut.

Sadly this is the division that makes the Need For Speed titles so if this goes down the titles go with it. Due to reports of falling sales in NFS: Undercover and it not even making the top 20 in the NPD sales for November, there is also information that all future NFS projects have been canceled. EA spokesman Colin Macrae had this to say,

“These are challenging times, they’re uncertain times for our industry and across the board…We continue to be firmly rooted in Vancouver.”

Vancouver is where EA's Black Box division is located.

Could i be the end stay tuned for updates...

IGN Game Scoop Podcast - Episode 102

IGN have just released episode 102 of their Game Scoop podcast. This contains a mixture of different consoles however if your a listener of this podcast then check it out, if not then have a listen it can't hurt to download it and try. I personally have not experience with this podcast but some of the relevent 360 info covered is.

- NPD sales and the economy
- Brutal Legend Published by EA
- INterview with Fallout 3 Director about DLC

Game Scoop Episode 102

Gamespot - Wheelman Hands On

Gamespot have got their hands on Vin Diesel's newest action starring game known as Wheelman. The game is currently in development by Midway who are struggling with debts at the moment, so this may have to be their savior game. Anyway check out their preview and judge for yourself.

Gamespot Wheelman Hands On

Rumor - Rare Teasing Killer Instinct 3

Here we are again in the rumor mill and this time it's Rare's turn to step up. Apparently the image below is taken from the new Banjo-Kazooie game, where a merchant is trying to sell Banjo a copy of Killer Instinct 3 before it hit's the market. However this image is not from Rare and was uploaded by a user online.

So is this image an actuall teaser from Rare for KI3 or is it some useless Internet proporgander, who knows check it out.

The Allegeded Screen

Mercenaries 2 DLC Revealed

EA have just released information on the new Merc's 2 DLC that will be heading to the market place. The content will be called "Blow it up again" and is set for release on the 16th December 2008, however a price is still yet to be set.

Blow It Up Again DLC - Prince (TBC)
- New Missions
- Hidden Candidates
- New Game play modes

The new gameplay modes include Urban Rampage, Arms Race and Death Race.
A trailer for the new DLC also released by EA can be found below.

New Dark Void Screens

I don't know anything about this game at all but for those who are following it 3 new screen shots have emerged of the game it looks ok to me but it's hard to judge from screen shots and I have no info on the game. Anyway check out the screens and a trailer I found and see what you think.

Dark Void Screens

What I'm Playing - 13/12/2008 - 1:00AM

Well it's just before I head to bed so here's a quick run down of whats been in the machine.

I've been playing some more of Mirrors Edge I started playing through the speed runs of each level basically you must beat the level within a time limit, no easy thing to do. I unlocked The prologue and chapter 1 speed run achievements. I also unlocked the achievement for running a certain distance randomly while doing the speed run.

Maintain sprint speed for 30 seconds.

However I have decided to stop playing Mirrors Edge now that I have completed the story as I can't bring myself to do the time trials and speed runs, I may start on Prince of Persia.

Finally I decided to play a few ranked games on FIFA but stopped after frustration of jammy players started to set in I couldn't find a rythm at all so I turned the console off for the night.

Anyway speak soon...