Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Alien Vs Predator Multiplayer Demo This Week

A confirmed date has appeared on the AvP Galaxy News Blog for the upcoming AvP multiplayer demo. The date has been set for Thursday 4th February.

The demo will feature ma multiplayer part of the game and it is a bit surprising to see a demo so soon.

So get ready for some AvP this Thursday.

New Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Trailer

2K Games have released a brand new trailer for Bioshock 2 showing off some advanced multiplayer techniques.

Will the multiplayer prove to be a clever move or just a pointless add on?

Modern Warfare 2 Care Package Glitch Causing Problems For Infinity Ward

Remember the patch hat was released to fix the care package exploit for Modern Warfare 2?

Well turns out gamers are still finding a away round this patch and the problem still exists. According to Robert Bowling this glitch is causing a real problem for Infinity Ward as he tweeted the following,

"Ugh. This care package exploit is becoming the bane of my existence, but not for long. @infinityward is working on a permanent fix for it."

The patch is currently being worked on for 360 and PS3.

Lego Harry Potter New Trailer

Check out this new trailer for Lego Harry Potter this time showing off gameplay from Year 2.

It seems to follow the same format as most Lego games and comes just after the announcement from Warner Bro's of a May release date.

Chime Coming To XBLA Wednesday

This Wednesday will see the release of Chime for the Xbox Live Arcade. The download will cost 400 MSP and will of course have a free trial available for download.

"An exclusive Zoë Mode production for OneBigGame, the video game industry-wide charity initiative, Chime pits gamers against the melody in this all-new puzzle experience. Place blocks against the clock and remix famous artists’ music tracks in this challenging and addictive puzzle game. More than 60 percent of the purchase price of Chime will be donated to children's charities around the world, helping those who need it the most."

* Intriguing block puzzler: Rotate and place shapes to form quads of 3×3 or more to fill your grid before the time runs out.
* Music tracks from world-renowned musicians: Chime features music by Moby, Paul Hartnoll (Orbital), and more.
* Remix music tracks: Fill the grid to alter the track loop, place pieces to play notes, and create quads to trigger a range of song samples.
* Unlimited replay value: Keep reaching 100% and resetting the grid to continue playing and beat your high score.
* Five unique levels: Each level is made up of its own music, grid, and shape sets.
* Time mode: Choose between three different levels of difficulty, based on time limit.
* Free-play mode: Play for the sake of making music with no time pressure.
* Charitable donation: All Zoë Mode's services are provided at no cost to OneBigGame, and all Zoë Mode's royalties (a minimum of 60 percent of the purchase price) are donated to the OneBigGame charity initiative. OneBigGame always aims to donate a minimum of 80% of all donations to its charity partners Save the Children and Starlight Children's foundation.