Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Halo Wars Gets Release Date

Halo Wars is set for a February 2009 release date revealed by Microsoft this morning.

There is a limited edition available for pre-order now and also special in game Warthog with decals for you Halo fans.

Japan - February 26th
Europe - February 27th
America - March 3rd

Free Online XBLA Gameplay December

Microsoft are offering you silver members a chance to see what your missing over the holidays by offering all silver xbox live members a chance to play certain XBLA games online for free over the Christmas period. The games that are available through this offer are listed below.

- Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix
- Aegis Wing
- Uno
- Small Arms
- Hardwood Spades/Hearts
- A Kingdom For Keflings
- Bomberman Live

Go and enjoy silver members.

Resident Evil 5 Demo - Japan

Again I know this is old news but I'm catching up.

The Resi 5 demo or "Biohazard" in Japan has been released to the market place. You might be thinking what good is this to me when is the Europe or NA release? However fear not as there is a way round this to allow you to be sitting at home comfy playing the demo within 10 minutes tops.

A link of how to do this is shown below and shouldn't take you to long to do.


I have personally been playing the demo and I'm impressed to be honest the graphics and gameplay are very very good, defiantly a must try. However the shooting mechanic annoyed me slightly due to me not knowing, that's even if it's possible, how to run and shoot at the same time.

Oh well try it out yourselves and I'll give you a full review of the demo at a later date.

Midnight Club LA Patch Out

The people over at Rockstar have just released a title update for MC:LA.

The update fixes the AI in the game in order to prevent people from damaging valuable TV screens with flying controllers.

The update does the following:
- AI will adjust to your skill level
- Additional Leaderboards
- Speeds up online match search

I haven't played this game personally but I hear the AI is annoying so hope this helps some poeple out.

Prince Of Persia 360 - Allstars

I know this is old news but the blog has only just begun so here's the first Iso news post.

Group "Allstars" have released the first copy of the new Prince of Persia game to the internet. The stealth checks out with ABGX360 as being fine. However the CRC data is still yet to be uploaded to their database so online play is still showing as dangerous with this program, however numerous sources have stated that online play is indeed safe however I'd wait for conformation from ABGX before taking the plunge, for now play with your xbox offline.

A link to the NFO of the release is below courtesy of the ABGX.net database.


I will be posting a mini review of this game after I have had a chance to play it myself for now here's a link to the first few minutes of the game enjoy.


Currently Playing 9/12/08

Well here is the first play diary for the blog. I've currently been playing Mirrors edge for the past few days. I'm currently up to chapter 4 and I'm really liking this game it's quick you can complete a chapter in about 20 mins to half hour so you can just pick up and play for a bit then happily walk away. I've unlocked about 6 achievements so far mainly the chapter complete ones and the tutorial complete so there's a good chunk of points just for completing the game for you achievement lovers. I'm currently working towards finishing the game and getting the no weapon achievement.

This in my opinion is a love hate kind of game if your doing well and it's all free flowing your jumping off walls and sliding under tubes it's incredibly enjoyable. However this game can get annoying very quickly when you come to certain parts where you get stuck on what to do or you stumble out of your flow a couple of times I've found myself in a corridor with no clue where to go and have had to turn to guides to help me that saps the fun out of this game quickly and it takes a while to get back into the exciting free flow gameplay afterwords.

The graphics of this game are beautiful a nice change to the grays and browns of recent games a nice white washed background of skyscrapers and construction sites. The character models that you encounter are of a high quality however the enemies look kind of same old same old if you've seen one you have seen them all. The enemies can get very annoying at various parts of the levels as if you try and take them head on you will be ripped to bullet holed shreds in seconds, and with only a few second disarm gap death comes quick and often.

But for its flaws it's a solid game with some re-playability with time trial modes for a quick review and only being half way through I'd give it a solid 8/10 and I'd recommended it if your looking for a change. A quick video of the tutorial level is included in the link below to help you decide.


I've also picked back up my Fallout 3 game in order to polish off the last few achievements in it such as killing 300 humans, hacking 50 terminals and collecting all the bobble heads. I just this second unlocked the pick 50 locks achievement so there's a few more points to add to my gamer score. I completed the main story just the other week and would recommend it to anyone no matter what kind of game your into it is a 360 must buy.

Well that's it for now enjoy and comments are always welcome.


Welcome to the Xbox 360 play diaries blog. This blog will cover the latest xbox 360 games and some oldies that I am playing through. Also I will be doing little mini reviews of games that have released as I play them so you can see them from the opinion of a general gamer and also more fuller reviews as I move through the games.

There will also be various diaries of my playthroughs of games, my thoughts on them and how they might be improved.

I will also be including releases on the xbox360 scene such as Isos and Firmwares, (However no content will be linked to), and also be giving reviews in terms of quality.

Finally I will keep you up to date with the latest xbox 360 news and release dates along with a few various pc softwares that interest me.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog.