Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Prince Of Persia 360 - Allstars

I know this is old news but the blog has only just begun so here's the first Iso news post.

Group "Allstars" have released the first copy of the new Prince of Persia game to the internet. The stealth checks out with ABGX360 as being fine. However the CRC data is still yet to be uploaded to their database so online play is still showing as dangerous with this program, however numerous sources have stated that online play is indeed safe however I'd wait for conformation from ABGX before taking the plunge, for now play with your xbox offline.

A link to the NFO of the release is below courtesy of the ABGX.net database.


I will be posting a mini review of this game after I have had a chance to play it myself for now here's a link to the first few minutes of the game enjoy.


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