Wednesday, 10 December 2008

XBOX 360 Play Diary - 10/12/2008

Well today I carried on with my Fallout 3 playthrough I finally got the "Data Miner" achievement and the "Does not play nice with others" (If thats what it's called) achievement. I also got a couple more on fallout which were "The bigger they are..." for killing the behemoths and the one for finding 100 locations. this leaves me with only 2 achievements left before the 1000 however I am unable to get them with this playthrough due to me missing one of the bobble heads that I can no longer get.

As I result I have decided to start my first real playthrough diary of Fallout 3 in order to record me getting the 20 bobble heads in the game and to offer you an insight into the game if you are yet to pick it up.

I also went back to playing Lips as you probably know it is a karaoke game I got a few more achievements on that today and finally got the infinity rank achievement for getting over 4 million points on AHA- Take on me, not bad. Below is a link to Xbox lives Major Nelson giving it a go.

That about covers it for today.

Rise Of The Argonauts Xbox360 DAGGER

Group Dagger have released the first rip of the new 360 game Rise of the Argonauts so anyone who is interested in this should do a quick Google search to find it.

The release is Region free so it will play on all consoles,
Europe - Australia

Don't forget to check the iso with ABGX360 before burning and playing to ensure proper stealth files are present. The last thing anyone wants is to get banned.

(However I do not condone piracy I simply am offering the information)


ABGX360 Update!

Iso lovers should be aware that the popular ABGX 360 has finally recived an update in order to fix the issues with searching for stealth files in the database. This new .ini file will redirect to the database in order to get the latest database. So now the Prince of Persia Allstar release can be fixed to make it safe for online play, enjoy. (Copy and paste into address bar)

The instructions are as follows;


Overwrite the existing abgx360.ini file in your abgx360 installation directory with the new one included in this zip.

Re-launch abgx360 and it will now point at the new location of the online Stealth360 database.

New uploads/verifications will no longer be done on the old server, so update your .ini to stay safe.

-The Stealth360 Team

Endwar To get DLC and Update

Tom Clancy's Endwar is to get a title update and a a DLC pack which is set to release Tomorrow or Thursday December 11th. So not to long to wait then folks, details below;

The Title Update will include:
- Eliminate Exploits
- Improve stability
- Leaderboards Reliability
- Maximum Player Increase from 4-8.

DLC - Endwar Escalation Pack - 800 Points
- New Maps
- 3 Unit Upgrades
- 10 Achievements 220GS

Resi Evil 5 Online Co-op Disabled

Microsoft have disabled the online co-op mode that is available in the new xbox live demo of Resident Evil 5 or Biohazard in Japan. This is due to people using the trick shown before in this blog in order to download the demo when you don't live in Japan.

As a result of this MS are using some sort of IP recognition to block people from outside of Japan from using the online co-op play.

However all other parts of the demo are functioning so go enjoy your single player fun untill the game gets a release next year.

Xbox Live Gold Members Free Theme

Hey to all you xbox live gold members if you head over to the market place you can now download a free winter premium theme for your new dashboard. It contains snowy scenes and a wonderful giant ice sculpture of a 360 not bad.

Anyway it's free and available now so go get it.

Winter Theme