Wednesday, 10 December 2008

ABGX360 Update!

Iso lovers should be aware that the popular ABGX 360 has finally recived an update in order to fix the issues with searching for stealth files in the database. This new .ini file will redirect to the database in order to get the latest database. So now the Prince of Persia Allstar release can be fixed to make it safe for online play, enjoy. (Copy and paste into address bar)

The instructions are as follows;


Overwrite the existing abgx360.ini file in your abgx360 installation directory with the new one included in this zip.

Re-launch abgx360 and it will now point at the new location of the online Stealth360 database.

New uploads/verifications will no longer be done on the old server, so update your .ini to stay safe.

-The Stealth360 Team

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