Wednesday, 10 December 2008

XBOX 360 Play Diary - 10/12/2008

Well today I carried on with my Fallout 3 playthrough I finally got the "Data Miner" achievement and the "Does not play nice with others" (If thats what it's called) achievement. I also got a couple more on fallout which were "The bigger they are..." for killing the behemoths and the one for finding 100 locations. this leaves me with only 2 achievements left before the 1000 however I am unable to get them with this playthrough due to me missing one of the bobble heads that I can no longer get.

As I result I have decided to start my first real playthrough diary of Fallout 3 in order to record me getting the 20 bobble heads in the game and to offer you an insight into the game if you are yet to pick it up.

I also went back to playing Lips as you probably know it is a karaoke game I got a few more achievements on that today and finally got the infinity rank achievement for getting over 4 million points on AHA- Take on me, not bad. Below is a link to Xbox lives Major Nelson giving it a go.

That about covers it for today.

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