Friday, 26 February 2010

Battlefield Bad Company 2 TV Ad

Rock Band Tracks For Next Week

Disturbed Pack 02 (440 / $5.50)*:

* "Meaning of Life" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
* "The Game" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
* "Voices" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)

Individual Tracks

* The Mother Hips – "Third Floor Story" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
* The Mother Hips – "White Falcon Fuzz" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99) ["Will come out in Europe only on March 11."]
* Silversun Pickups – "Panic Switch" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
* Silversun Pickups – "Sort Of" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)
* TRUSTcompany – "Downfall" (160 / 200 Wii Points / $1.99)

New Splinter Cell: Conviction Trailer

Just Cause 2 Demo Next Week

Square Enix have announced that a demo for Just Cause 2 will be hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace next week.

To be more precise Thursday 4th March.

The announcement was made via tweet;

"The Just Cause 2 demo will hit Xbox Live, PSN and Steam on March 4th," said the tweet. So now you know.

"The Just Cause 2 demo is simply massive and with so much to do, the replay value is enormous," said Lee Singleton, General Manager of Square Enix London Studios. "It’s easily one of the biggest freeroaming demos of all time and for fans of openworld games, it’s unmissable."

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Brand New Skate 3 Video

Mass Effect 2 DLC In March

Bioware have announced that new DLC will be coming to Mass Effect 2 in March.

The new DLC is branded the "Firewalker" pack, the new DLC features 5 new missions featuring the Hammerhead vehicle, this is a hover craft tank of sorts.

The official description is;

"a heavy assault vehicle that hovers over the battlefield at up to 120 kilometers per hour [75 mph] and features a guided missile system ensuring accuracy even during aggressive maneuvering."

The new DLC will be available in late March for free via the Cerburus Network.

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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Alpha Protocol Brand New Trailer

Force Unleashed Avatar Gear On XBL

The word is that even more Star Wars goodies are available for your Xbox Live Avatar to enjoy.

The new avatar gear is Force Unleashed oriantated and is available right now.

Also get this!.....There's a Storm Trooper outfit! Quick go now..... right now... go... go on...I don't mind waiting for you to get back.

March Guitar Hero Tracks Revealed

This months Guitar hero tracks have been revealed for March. Check them out below;

blink-182 Track Pack, available March 4th

* "First Date"
* "All The Small Things"
* "Adam's Song"

OK Go Track Pack, available March 11th

* "Here It Goes Again"
* "Do What you Want"
* "Get Over It"

Flogging Molly Track Pack, available March 18th

* "Requiem For A Dying Song"
* "(No More) Paddy's Lament"
* "The Seven Deadly Sins"

80's Track Pack, available March 25th

* Motley Crue - "Girls, Girls, Girls"
* The Go-Go's - "We Got The Beat"
* Night Ranger - "Sister Christian"

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Day One Map Pack Trailer

Alpha Protocol Dated

Alpha Protocol has received yet another official release date by Sega. After numerous delays Sega have revealed the official release date will be June 1st 2010.

The game will release on 360 and PS3 on the same day.

Are you excited for Alpha Protocol?

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Split Second Dated

Black Rocks Split Second has been given an official release date in the UK.

The game will officially be coming out on the 21st May 2010.

I really can't wait.

Dragon Age: Origins Updated To 1375

The Achievements for the Awakening expansion for Dragon Age: Origins have been revealed there are 8 new achievements totaling 250 Gamerscore.

The Enduring Vigil 30
Acquired all upgrades for Vigil's Keep

Awakening 50
Completed Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

Commander of the Grey 30
Reached level 30

Secret Achievement 30
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Secret Achievement 30
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Secret Achievement 30
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Secret Achievement 25
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Secret Achievement 25
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Borderlands: The Secret Army of General Knoxx Launch Trailer

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

XBL Release Schedule

Major Nelson has just released the Xbox Live Release schedule for the nest few weeks, you can find it below. You may note Ultimate Team 10 is only 400 MSP this time round!

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week:

March 1: Gears of War Avatar COG Armor (male) (female) 240 points & Helmet (male) (female) 80 points

March 8: Call of Duty: WaW: Map Pack Bundle, 1600 Points

Xbox LIVE Games on Demand:

March 2: Fallout 3, North America and Asia (except Japan, Korea and India)
March 2: Street Fighter IV, Europe, Australia and New Zealand

Xbox LIVE Arcade:

As part of the Block Party promotion, here is the Arcade schedule for March.

March 3: Toy Soldiers -1200 points
March 10: Scrap Metal – 1200 points

March 17: Perfect Dark – 800 points

March 24: Game Room – Free to download. Individual games will cost 240 to 400 points

Xbox Avatar Marketplace:

These are just a few of the collections scheduled for the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace.

March 2: Street Fighter IV
March 4: Major League Baseball 2K10

Also, the following Xbox 360 Game Add-Ons are scheduled to be available:

Feb 23: Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Hoth Bonus Level - 800 Microsoft Points
Feb 25: FIFA 10, Ultimate Team Game Add-on - 400 Microsoft Points
March 2:Resident Evil 5, Desperate Escape Episode - 400 Microsoft Points

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Pure & Resident Evil 5 Come to Games on Demand

Content: Pure
Price: Check pricing for your region
Availability: Australia, Denmark, Finland, Great Britain, Norway, North America, Sweden, and Asia
Dash Text: (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) This game supports English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Download the manual for this game by locating the game on and selecting “See Game Manual". PURE is an offroad trick-racing game featuring incredible tricks and massive, vertigo-inducing jumps. Leap hundreds of feet into the air - off mountains, over lakes and across gaping chasms in epic worldwide locations. Pull off over 70 different tricks and build over 100,000 different custom quad bikes. It's all about speed, air and incredible tricks. PURE Adrenaline! There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see

Price: Check pricing for your region
Availability: Australia, Europe and New Zealand Xbox LIVE regions
Dash Text: (Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB) This game supports English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Download the manual for this game by locating the game on and selecting “See Game Manual". The Resident Evil series continues with this highly anticipated sequel. Searing heat from the merciless sun scorches the earth, while a new evil draws closer. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see

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Army of Two: The 40th Day DLC

EA have today announced that a new piece of campaign DLC will be released for Army of Two: The 40th Day in April.

The DLC will be known as "Chapters of Deceit" and will contain two new campaign maps.

The DLC will release on April 1st and will cost 800 MSP or $9.99 on PS3 and Xbox 360. Check out the trailer below.

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3 Games Coming To XBLA This Week

This week sees the release of 3 new games to the Xbox Live Arcade. The titles are Fret Nice for 1200 MSP, Greed Corp for 800 MSP and Lazy Raiders for 800 MSP.

These titles will release Wednesday and descriptions can be found below.

Fret Nice™ is a 2-D platformer that will rock your world. Control your character through funky-fresh stages to explore hidden areas, collect items, and clash note-for-note with outrageous heavy metal bosses! Rock out by blasting enemies with riff combos and creating your own sounds with each "strum" of a chord! Every playthrough offers an ever-changing sonic adventure.

Why share when you can have it all? Greed Corp is an online multiplayer strategy game in which you battle for dominance over a world once rich in resources. In order to prevail, exhaust all the remaining resources to build an army, and then use the depleted collapsing terrain to your advantage. An extensive campaign mode and multiple unlockables prepare you to take the battle online. Will you defend your territory or sacrifice it to keep it out of enemy hands? Manage the finite available resources to build your army and use the unique collapsing terrain mechanic to your advantage, all while the mist grows closer ...

Dr. Diggabone's getting too old for archaeological digs, or so he says. Truth be told, he's just plain lazy … That's where you jump into Lazy Raiders® and take control as you spin and flip mazes to send the Doctor or your Avatar on a gravity-defying quest for lost relics that would bring him instant fortune and glory. Of course you'll have to deal with greedy thieves, pesky minions, and ingenious traps along the way. If there weren't any challenges, you'd just grow lazy … and we wouldn't want that, would we?

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Xbox Live Deal of the Week

This weeks Deal of the week is Duke Nukem 3D. The Xbox Live Arcade Title has been reduced from 800 MSP to just 400 MSP for this week only, so get it while you can.

Borderlands DLC Coming Today

The newest piece of DLC for Borderlands known as "The Secret Army of General Knoxx" will release onto the Xbox 360 tomorrow priced at 800 MSP.

The PS3 version will be released on Thursday priced at $10.

This DLC will increase the level cap to 61.

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Bioshock 2 DLC Detailed

2K Games p[romised good DLC support for Bioshock 2 and they plan to deliver starting with a multiplayer DLC pack. The pack will be known as "Sinclair Solutions Test Pack".

The pack will be available soon on Xbox 360 and PS3 and will be priced at 400 MSP or $4.99.

The pack will include;

* Rank Increase to level 50 with Rank Rewards
* New playable characters Louie McGraff and Oscar Calraca
* 20 new trials (some only available after a player achieves a rank of 41 or higher)
* A third weapon upgrade for each weapon
* Five additional masks (some only available after a player achieves a rank of 41 or higher)

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Monday, 22 February 2010

God of War 3 Over 40GB Of Blu-Ray!

Sony have confirmed that the European version of God of war 3 is over 40GB's of Blu-Ray goodness.

Tim Moss of Sony said;

'35Gb of goodness. Thank heavens for Dual Layer Blu-Rays'

'Euro version is bigger, in low 40's. 9+ languages.'

So that's a lot to keep you God of War fans content for now, should take you at least a few hours to get through it.

God of war will release on the 16th March.

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Corrupt Xbox Live Mod!! Must See

It would appear that Microsoft have a corrupt moderator on their staff. A person going by the name of "The Pro" is abusing his power and banning people off of Xbox Live for no reason. Check out the video below.

UPDATE: Micrsofts director of Policy Enforcement Stephen Toulouse has repsonded to the video with the following;

“Yes I’ve seen the heavily edited video of The Pro. He was policing 10th prestige MW2 modding which results in gold account and console ban.”

“I did enjoy the the explanation about the audio being totally off/1 sided cause his “capture card went crazy” when its clear it was edited.”

“While I will speak to him about his tone, the audio is clearly recut to omit the threats and ToU violations the others were saying to him.”

“We try to do our job protecting the service dispassionately,” before reiterating that “[The Pro's] comments about console banning were out of context and referred to modding.”

“Case closed, thanks for bringing it to my attention!”

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Perfect Dark XBLA Achievement List

How's That For Starters?10
Complete dataDyne Central - Defection.
Both Barrels5
Kill an enemy when dual-wielding
Act Your Age, Joanna5
Destroy Carrington's wine collection.
Double 6410
Kill 128 enemies using secondary fire mode.
Camera Shy10
Destroy 5 security cameras.
Deadly Laptop10
Kill 50 enemies using the laptop in sentry gun mode.
Complete any Solo Mission on Special Agent or harder using only your fists.
Tools Of The Trade10
Get a Bronze rating or better with all 32 weapons in the Firing Range.
Complete a Combat Simulator game using each of the six Scenarios.
Golden Days10
Complete a Combat Simulator game on Felicity, Complex or Temple using Classic Weapons.
Prime Target10
Complete every Challenge up to and including 29, the 10th Prime number.
A Friend Indeed10
Complete any mission in Co-operative Mode.
...Who Needs Enemies?10
Complete any mission in Counter-Operative Mode.
dataDyne Specialist10
Kill at least one enemy with each of the dataDyne weapons.
Carrington Institute Specialist10
Kill at least one enemy with each of the Carrington Institute weapons.
Maian Specialist10
Kill at least one enemy with each of the Maian weapons.
Complete the Solo Missions on Agent
Special Agent15
Complete the Solo Missions on Special Agent.
Perfect Agent20
Complete the Solo Missions on Perfect Agent.
Crowning Glory5
Earn all the Leaderboard Crowns.

New Prison Break Trailer

A brand new trailer has been released for the console adaptation of the popular TV series Prison Break, and there's a lot of climbing involved.

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New Just Cause 2 Trailer

Thursday, 18 February 2010

New Splinter Cell Conviction Trailer

Take a look at this brand new story trailer giving you some insight into how Sam got into his current position.

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5 Minutes Of New Alan Wake Gameplay

New Alan Wake footage has emerged showing the games opening levels. You can check it out below however I will warn you there are some spoilers.

Lost Planet 2 Content Cut Could Be DLC

Lost Planet 2's producer Jun Takeuchi have said that they have had to cut a lot of content from the 360 version of Lost Planet 2 due to the disk space limitations of 360 DVDs.

He stated;

"This time, truly, the content that was cut was significant and at the end, we had to wrestle with disc space."

"I think we could be able to add that content at a later date as downloadable content."

Hopefully this extra content will make it as DLC as the PS3 version has had no problems with space at all.

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Ninety Nine Nights 2 New Trailer

Final Fantasy XIII London Launch Event Details

Square Enix have today confirmed a launch even in London for Final Fantasy XIII. The event will take place at the HMV in Oxford Street on the 9th March and you will be able to meet both the producer and art director of Final Fantasy XIII, otherwise known as Yoshinori Kitase and Isamu Kamikokuryo respectively.

As well as this the first 50 attendess dressed in Final Fantasy XIII costumes will win a free copy of the soundtrack. DJ Alex Zane will be MC'ing the event.

The details are as follows;

Date: 9th March 2010
Time: 5.30pm - 7:30pm
Photocall: 6:05pm - 6:15pm
Address: HMV, 150 Oxford Street, London, W1D1DJ
Entry: Free to everyone

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New Super Street Fighter IV Trailer

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Assassin's Creed 2 Bonfire of the Vanities Trailer

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Brand New NIER Trailer

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Resident Evil 5 Updated To 1300 Gamerscore

With the release of "Lost In Nightmares" comes new achievements for Resident Evil 5.

There are 5 new achievements for an extra 100 Gamerscore the achievements can be found below.

Must've Got Lost 15
Complete "Lost in Nightmares" on any difficulty setting.

It's Just a Bad Dream! 15
Complete "Lost in Nightmares" with an S rank.

Night Terrors 40
Complete "Lost in Nightmares" on Professional.

Kung Fu Fighting 15
Inflict a set amount of damage to Wesker in "Lost in Nightmares."

Wish Upon a Star 15
Destroy all 18 of the Score stars found throughout "Lost in Nightmares."