Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Resident Evil 5 Updated To 1300 Gamerscore

With the release of "Lost In Nightmares" comes new achievements for Resident Evil 5.

There are 5 new achievements for an extra 100 Gamerscore the achievements can be found below.

Must've Got Lost 15
Complete "Lost in Nightmares" on any difficulty setting.

It's Just a Bad Dream! 15
Complete "Lost in Nightmares" with an S rank.

Night Terrors 40
Complete "Lost in Nightmares" on Professional.

Kung Fu Fighting 15
Inflict a set amount of damage to Wesker in "Lost in Nightmares."

Wish Upon a Star 15
Destroy all 18 of the Score stars found throughout "Lost in Nightmares."

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