Sunday, 14 December 2008

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 8

Part 8 of the journey has begun...

Right time to find vault 112.

Well enter Smith Casey's Garage.
Head behind the counter and through the door.
Flick the switch on the wall.
Head down the new passageway.
Continue down the metal stairs and enter the door to vault 112.
Move down the passageway and open the vault door.
Head through the door on the left and down the corridor through a second door.
Talk to the Robobrain and he will give you a vault 112 suit.
Put on the suit.
Looks nice!
Nice Fit!
Head through the door behind him and down the stairs.
Head right and then enter the door on the left.
Jump down and enter the empty pod.
Your In Tranquility Lane
Head to the left and enter the abandoned house.
This place is Creeeeeepppyyyyy!!!!
What wait this item makes a noise!
Lets hit them until something happens.
Find the correct order and a terminal appears.
Lets Play....
Activate the terminal.
Initiate the failsafe.
What have you done head outside and see.
Oh that's never good!
Head to the middle of the park and talk to the little girl.
Oh God what happened to your voice.
Have a chat then head through the door.
Hurray there's Dad it's about time!
Speak with him learn what he says then head on out of there and back to the wasteland.
Now fast travel to Rivet City.
Now fast travel to Megaton.
Enter Lucas Simm's house head upstairs and in one room there's the 4th Bobblehead.
On the desk you will find "Strength" 4/20 almost a quarter of the way there.

Part 9 to follow...

Another VGA Winner Announced

This time it's int he category of Best Driving Game.

The winner is........

Burnout Paradise

Gears Of War Comic Issue 3 Preview

If you are following the Gears of War comics then this is for you. A preview has just been released of the latest issue due out on December 24th. Check out the scans below.

Scan 1
Scan 2
Scan 3
Scan 4
Scan 5
Scan 6

3 VGA Winners Announced

3 Winners of the VGA's have been announced.

Best PC Game - Left 4 Dead

Best Individual Sports Game: Shaun White's Snowboarding

Best Fighting Game - Soul Caliber 4

New Gears 2 Map Pack Tonight!

Thanks to VGA we have learnt that tonight on Xbox Live at 12Am Pacific time the new Gears of War 2 Combustible map pack will be unveiled. Go check it out and get downloading.

However the Maps included in the pack are still yet to be announced.

Does Game Size Still Matter?

In today's society many new games completion times have dropped drastically compared to older generations, with the average game now only taking between 7-10 hours to complete. The following article discusses the reasons behind this and weather it is actually what gamers want.

Is it what you want?

Are gamers being cheated?

Check it out - Game Size Matter's Not

Is This What Xbox Live Is - Comic

A comic has been produced basically mocking Xbox live, but it fairness it's a giggle and you start thinking it's right. Check it out.

Xbox Live Comic

New Final Fantasy 13 Screenshots

Earlier I brought you a few new pieces of concept art now here we have some brand new in game screenshots released by Square Enix. Check them out via the link.

FF13 Screenshots

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 7

Here we have part 7 of our Fallout 3 Diary.

Right we're outside Megaton, lets find Vault 112!

From Megaton head in a Westerly Direction.
Head towards the crumbling overhead bridge.
From the bridge head west along the crumbling road then head up the hill.
On the otherside of the hill you will see a deserted lorry head to it.
Bet there's something inside!
Oh Dear! Whats That!
Take out the robot that's begun to attack you.
Now raid the ammo boxes by the van, Not Bad!
Continue West from the lorry in the direction of the arrow.
Head toward the abandoned houses.
From here you will see a church that's our next target so lets be off.
At the church take out the raiders and rob their stuff.
Continue West from the church in the direction of the arrow.
You will come to a ravine.
Can you already see a lot of raiders?
I can!
Jump down and take them all out.
When they have gone head into Evergreen Mills Foundry.
Eliminate the raiders inside and head into the bazaar.
Head through to the back of the bazaar and into a supply place.
At the back of this place off to the right down in a little cave is you guessed it!
Bobblehead number 3 "Barter".
That's 3/20 we're cooking now!
Anyway leave this place and head out of the Ravine.
Right now we are out of the ravine continue to head in the direction of the arrow.
Congratulations you have found Smith Casey's Garage.

Watch The VGA's Live Online

Earlier I posted reminding people that the VGA's were happening tonight at 9PM EST on Spike TV, however if you don't have Spike TV you can watch the VGA's via a live stream on the internet, pretty handy if you want to see all the action. So check it out via the link..

VGA Live Stream

More COD:WOW Glitches

Earlier I posted about a new COD:World at War glitch allowing you to go under the castle, now more glitches have been discovered for all you Call of Duty players who wish to use them. Not being a player of the game I wont be using them but some of you may find them useful.

Remember though glitching to cheat is unfair and unsporting.

50 Cent's Challenge Accepted!

Yesterday I posted an article about 50 Cent issuing a challenge to anyone who thought they were good enough to beat him at his won game. Well it seemed somebody listened and The Hip Hop Gamer presenter of the Hip Hop Gamer Show has called 50 Cent out on his challenge. Will 50 back out now?


2008 The Forgotten Games

With 2008 coming to a close and gamers looking forward to the goodies that 2009 will bring, they probably would have forgotten all about some of the gems that were released this year that never really got a chance to shine. An article over at has detailed some of the forgotten gems of 2008. Give it a read you might find that game that you have been looking for or find a game that you ignored first time round and now feel it deserves a chance.

The Forgotten Games Of 2008

What I'm Playing - 14/12/2008 - 5:00PM

Well I've spent most of the day playing Fallout 3 for the diaries I'm currently just on the way to vault 112 to again search for Dad. But stay tuned to them if you are following them part 7 will be up soon.

I haven't really got much done in terms of game playing I've watched some of the cutcenes from Xenosaga 3, I'm not sure if anyone knows this game but I played 1 & 2 and never got to play 3 so I'm watching the cutscenes to see how the story ended. Xenosaga was an RPG released bout 2 years ago now towards the end of the PS2's life cycle. There's a video below to fill you in on the details.

I've also uploaded some more songs to my Lips library this time it was The Arctic Monkeys Debut album, almost half way there to that achievement now.

Anyway speak soon.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 New Screens

More new screenshots of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 have appeared check them out via the link.

DW: Gundam 2 Screens

Lord Of The Rings: Conquest Dev Diary

Pandemic has just released a new development diary of it's newest game Lord Of The Rings: Conquest. If you are following this game then check it out to see how it's progressing.

LOTR: Conquest is due for release in January for Xbox 360.

Joystick Radio Show Episode 136

The people over at Joystick radio have released their newest podcast. I enjoy listing to this podcast and I'm sure if you give it a try you will to.

The podcast contains the latest news and releases for the 360 as well as TV talk and just general chatter about what's going on. Enjoy.

"The Gift of a GAMING GIFT this holiday season!!!" (Joystick Radio)

Joystick Radio Show Episode 136

Xbox 360 Week End 14/12/2008 DLC Roundup

There have been a lot of music releases this week on the marketplace and not a lot else apart from a Sonic Unleashed demo and the Endwar DLC if your interested. Check out the list and see if any catches your eye then get downloading.

DLC Weekly Roundup

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 6

Here we have part 6 and the search for Dad continues!

Here we are outside Rivet City, Lets Go find this Dr Li.

Start in the marketplace.
Visit the shops offload your gear and stock up on any items you need.
Oh and don't forget to get used equipment repaired don't want it breaking do we?
Head up the stairs and through the door to the upper deck.
Head down the corridor then down the stairs.
Head through the door on the left to the science lab.
Find Dr Li and speak with her.
Ask about your Dad.
Surprise Surprise! He's not here!
Where's he gone then?
Apparently he's gone off to Project Purity back in the Jefferson Memorial.
Remember that we passed it earlier.
But wait before leaving the lab take a look on the desk!
There it is Bobblehead Number 2 "Intelligence"
Pick it up and there we have 2/20.
Do what you have to do then Leave Rivet City.
Open Up your PIP BOY and quick travel to the Memorial.

Now we are here the entrance is right in front of you.
Head through the door to the gift shop.
Kill the super mutant as you enter.
At the 4 ways head right.
Take out the turret and any super mutants in here.
Head through this room and turn left.
Head straight forward to the door and enter the Rotunda.
Eliminate any super mutants in here.
Head up the stairs and on top of the machine in front of you right at the top of the stairs are 3 tapes pick them up.
Open your PIP BOY go to notes and listen to Entry 10.
Your Dad has gone to vault 112.
Leave the Building and head outside.
Fast travel to Megaton.
Prepare for a long walk!

Part 7....

COD: WOW Tipped As Xmas No1 Game

The bets have begun as to what will be the number 1 Christmas game of this year with all the big hitters it's going to be tough. But Ladbrookes have put COD: World at War as 1/3 favorite for the slot.

Does this game deserve the slot?

Are there any that are more deserving?

Will it actually be Christmas Number 1?

Going to have to wait till Christmas to find out, not long to wait though.

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 5

Here is part 5 of our adventure, onwards to Rivet City!

We're are back outside the metro station.

Check your PIP BOY and you will see the dotted line heading to Rivet City.
We're going to head in the direction of that line along the coast.
Let's Go!
Head in a SE direction following the river.
You'll reach an overturned truck and a centaur, behind that is a super mutant camp wash them out if you like and continue SE along the river.
A little further on you'll find a Mirelurk take it down and continue.
Keep hugging the river edge and you'll Find the Tepid Sewers.
Just behind that Is Dukov's place head past that and continue on towards the bridge.
You'll reach a raider camp eliminate them head through the camp and continue
toward the bridge.
Under the bridge you will find a trader so trade with him or kill him and steal
everything your choice.
Carry on along the river in a southern direction.
Head up the stairs in front and along the road.
You will come to a bridge and see a dome building in front of you head over the bridge.
You have discovered the Jefferson memorial.
Take out the super mutants around and head over the metal walkways to the east.
Look East and you will see a big Gun ship head over to it.
Hey look there's a sign! Rivet City! Head on up there.
Congratulations You have discovered Rivet City!
How the hell do I get across!
Use the intercom of course.
Cross the bridge to a cold welcome.
Tell him your looking for your Dad and he lets you in.

Part 6 to follow...

Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Issues

If you have purchased Guitar Hero World Tour and you are starting to notice problems with your drum kit then you more than likely have drum sensitivity issues. Redoctane and Activision has noticed these issues with the drum hardware also and have offered a fix allowing you to tune your drum kit via a piece of PC software. However to do this you must connect your drum kit to your PC via a cable. If you perform this fix your drum kit should work perfectly the way it was meant to without any need to return it to the shop so rejoice.

How do I get my hands on this cable you may ask?

Well head on over to the website below and answer the questions that follow and if you purchased you copy of World Tour within the last 90 days you will be sent the MIDI to USB cable required for the fix absolutely free. So go ahead go fix your GH woes.

Warranty Website For GH Fix

More Final Fantasy 13 Concept Art

The other day I brought you details of a new piece of FF13 concept art that had been discovered. Now Square Enix has just released 2 more pieces of concept art showing Ifrit and Shiva 2 of the Final Fantasy series' staple characters. Check them out via the link.

New Final Fantasy 13 Concept Art

Square's RPG's Falling Short?

I am personally a massive fan of the RPG genre especially Square Enix and their games. However many people lately are starting to turn against Square for producing sloppy RPG games with flaws, that if a little more time was taken over the game, could have been avoided.

An article over at "Role Playing Video Games Suite101" has decided to go into detail about how and why these titles fell down and how they could have been great.

A good read for anyone into RPG's who feel Square have let them down.

Square Enix RPG's Fall Short

COD: WOW New Glitch - Castle

A new Glitch has been discovered for all you Glitchers out there or people who just like to have fun seeing how they can break games. As I'm not saying all the people who Glitch do it to cheat :)

Anyway a new glitch in Call of duty: World at War has been discovered allowing you to go under the castle. I don't know much about this having never played the game,but if your a fan and want to try it check out the video.

COD: WOW Castle Glitch

Cowboy Hats In Gears 2

A new Easter Egg has been discovered in Gears of War 2 that allows the cogs to wear Dizzy style cowboy hats.I was a little skeptical myself to but it turns out it's real.

And the result of finding this little Easter Egg can be viewed below.

Easter Egg Hat Image

This little Easter Egg can be found on the Rolling Thunder level and you can use the following youtube guide to find it yourself. Enjoy.

The Last Remnant 360 Deal UK!!! £17.61

People in the UK can get Square's latest release The Last Remnant for a very low price of £17.61. Having played this game myself I think this price tag makes this game a must buy for an RPG fan and at that a price it's defiantly worth a look for anyone looking for a new game or who wants to buy a Christmas present. Go check it out.

The Last Remnant £17.61

KOEI Dynasty Warriors Release Dates

KOEI have announced their first quarter Xbox 360 release dates for 2009 in Europe. These dates have both been confirmed.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires - February 27th 2009

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 - March 27th 2009

Dynasty Warriors 6 Trailer

Dynasty Warriors: Gundamn 2 Trailer

Spike TV VGA Awards Tonight

Here's a quick reminder to all those interested that the VGA's or Video Game Award's will be shown on Spike TV tonight at 9PM EST. There will be a number of games being premiered at the VGA's with new trailers for some already announced games the list is below.

Fight Night Round 4
Uncharted 2
Brutal Legend
God Of War 3
New Gears Of War 2 Announcement
Terminator Salvation
Mafia 2
GTA: Lost And Damned DLC Info

Left 4 Dead "Stand Tall" Tips

Over at "The Driver ID" an article has been posted detailing tips on how to get the achievement "Stand Tall" in the new Left 4 Dead game. If you are struggling to get this achievement check out this article and you should here the sound of GS points pretty soon.

Left 4 Dead Stand Tall Tips

GH: World Tour Free DLC

If you are thinking about picking up a copy of Guitar Hero World Tour this month and you are planning on purchasing the complete guitar version of the game, then you are in luck. As until December 31st anyone purchasing GH:WT Guitar edition will get 5 free DLC tracks, what these tracks are is yet to be confirmed.

However this offer is only available for the complete guitar version of the game and weirdly not the full band version.

The Tale Of Despereaux Achievements

The achievement list for The Tale Of Despereaux has been revealed, there are 38 achievements worth 1000 GS check out the list via the link.

The Tale Of Despereax Achievements

Rumor - Kojima To Make Shooter With Infinity Ward

Kojima has been visiting the game studios over at Infinity Ward to discuss a new game. The rumors are flying round that this new game is a shooter.

Updates as they come...

What I'm Playing - 13/12/2008 - 1:00AM

Well I've spent the main part of my day at the football so I haven't got much game playing done.

However I have played some more of Fallout got about 1 hour in, in order to continue the play diary that is currently up to Part 4 if you are following. Just about to set off to Rivet City.

Apart from that I've played some more Lips got myself 2 more challenge wins taking me up to 14/20 for the achievement now. I'll be glad when I get that damn achievement! I also added some more songs to my Lips library as you probably know it is in a quest to get the upload 300 songs achievement. This time it was The Offspring's Greatest Hits album, here's one of my favorite songs form the album, defiantly worth a listen.

White Gold Preview

The people over at has posted a small preview of a new free roaming fps from developer Deep Shadows.

Take a look at the link if your interested in learning more..

White Gold Preview

12 Xbox Days Of Christmas

The people over at has produced an excellent article detailing the 12 Xbox days of Christmas. The article is basically a run down of the top 12 games of the Christmas period and a mini review of each, if your looking for a game this Christmas this is the article you want to read.

The 12 Xbox Days Of Christmas

No More DLC For COD 4

Infinite Ward has sadly announced that there will be no more DLC for their ever popular shooter COD 4, this is mainly due to time constraints and the fact that most team members are now working on future games and their new release COD:WOW. Infinite Ward's community manager, Robert Bowling had this to say..

“Regretfully the playlists never came to fruition, however that’s hardly a accurate depiction of the validity of community support. Community support goes so much deeper than just “playlist updates”. Good community support goes unnoticed, and unpraised, because it is done in a way to ensure that the shipped product includes the requests, features, and demands of the community out of box.

Community Support via the COD2 community helped shape and mold COD4 into the game it is, and community support via COD4 will help shape future Infinity Ward titles to ensure we’re always improving and including community wants and needs into future games.

Every level designer / texture artist / enviornmental artist / etc. working on a new map for a previous game is one less working on a map for a future game. Again going back to the, do you attempt to include as much as possible out of box for the people spending $60 and that goes to everyone, or do you focus on doing endless DLC for previous game, shipping with only a few maps, and beefing up MP via DLC after launch for a fee (which only a % of community people can enjoy due to internet connection / Xbox Live gold requirement). Regretfully that’s the harsh reality and shitty part of game development.

Since COD4 however, we’ve been focusing on expanding our team here at Infinity Ward and looking at our development cycle to see how it can be optimized and improved to make strides in how we can have the best of both worlds. A polished / stacked game at launch and a dedicated team for DLC post-launch while everyone else looks towards the future.”

Fallout 3 Review

Here is the second of my reviews and this time round I shall be reviewing Bethesda's new game Fallout 3.

Gameplay - 8
Fallout 3 plays incredibly well in the first person perspective. The VACS system is a fantastic feature allowing you to slow down the action and pick out certain body parts of opponents that you wish to destroy. However that's only if your aim is good enough as a missed shot can get incredibly annoying in those tight situations. The shooting mechanic is just like an FPS using the right trigger to fire and the left to zoom in and aim. The problem comes if you wish to play in 3rd person it's hard to aim at enemies, hard to move round and the movement of the character looks disjointed.
This is defiantly a game to enjoy in the first person.

Graphics - 8
The graphics in fallout 3 are impressive to say the least, you'd think with such a huge game map you would see the engine struggling but there is no tearing at all, very very occasionly you may see the odd texture popping in but nothing you will ever notice. The only loading is entering buildings from the map making the game seem pretty seamless. The character models are well built and are good enough to keep the immersion in the game high.

Sound - 9
The sounds in the game are realistic and allow you to get lost in the game. The soundtrack is very dramatic and gives you the feeling of unrest in the wasteland, and a sense of everything falling apart. The guns all sound realistic especially the mini nuke it sounds fantastic when fired as you here the pop as it leaves the gun and the apocolyptic explosion as it connects with the enemy. The objects around you react well to each sounds realsitic as you walk into them or knowck them off such as shopping trolleys and oil drums. Finally the voice acting is of a high level with none of the characters really having voices that annoy you.

Story - 8
The story of Fallout 3 is very well told witha lot of plot twists and various mini stories going on around the main narrative. Each quests holds its own little story for you to unravel and understand and eventually reach a pretty staisfatpry conclusion. However the same can not be said of the actual game ending, for those who have played and completed the game you will understand, it leaves a lot to be deasired.

Re-Playability - 7
The only real reason for replaying Fallout is to experience the epic story again and just for the fun of playing there is no real incentive for doing so, the only thing that will keep you gripped after completion is the fun factor, it never gets old to see a super mutants head leave its body in a trail of blood.

Overall 8/9
Fallout 3 is a massive game and will keep you playing for many an hour so if you want value for money then this is a must buy. The gameplay is smooth and not really frustrating, the difficulty level is livable with and doesn't truly pose a challenge on easy or normal. If your looking for a western RPG and you are a fan of oblivion then buy this game even if your not I would recommend anyone to play it, believe me you wont regret it.

Rent - Definite (However no where near enough time to enjoy)
Purchase - Definite (You won't regret it)