Sunday, 14 December 2008

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 5

Here is part 5 of our adventure, onwards to Rivet City!

We're are back outside the metro station.

Check your PIP BOY and you will see the dotted line heading to Rivet City.
We're going to head in the direction of that line along the coast.
Let's Go!
Head in a SE direction following the river.
You'll reach an overturned truck and a centaur, behind that is a super mutant camp wash them out if you like and continue SE along the river.
A little further on you'll find a Mirelurk take it down and continue.
Keep hugging the river edge and you'll Find the Tepid Sewers.
Just behind that Is Dukov's place head past that and continue on towards the bridge.
You'll reach a raider camp eliminate them head through the camp and continue
toward the bridge.
Under the bridge you will find a trader so trade with him or kill him and steal
everything your choice.
Carry on along the river in a southern direction.
Head up the stairs in front and along the road.
You will come to a bridge and see a dome building in front of you head over the bridge.
You have discovered the Jefferson memorial.
Take out the super mutants around and head over the metal walkways to the east.
Look East and you will see a big Gun ship head over to it.
Hey look there's a sign! Rivet City! Head on up there.
Congratulations You have discovered Rivet City!
How the hell do I get across!
Use the intercom of course.
Cross the bridge to a cold welcome.
Tell him your looking for your Dad and he lets you in.

Part 6 to follow...

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