Sunday, 14 December 2008

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 7

Here we have part 7 of our Fallout 3 Diary.

Right we're outside Megaton, lets find Vault 112!

From Megaton head in a Westerly Direction.
Head towards the crumbling overhead bridge.
From the bridge head west along the crumbling road then head up the hill.
On the otherside of the hill you will see a deserted lorry head to it.
Bet there's something inside!
Oh Dear! Whats That!
Take out the robot that's begun to attack you.
Now raid the ammo boxes by the van, Not Bad!
Continue West from the lorry in the direction of the arrow.
Head toward the abandoned houses.
From here you will see a church that's our next target so lets be off.
At the church take out the raiders and rob their stuff.
Continue West from the church in the direction of the arrow.
You will come to a ravine.
Can you already see a lot of raiders?
I can!
Jump down and take them all out.
When they have gone head into Evergreen Mills Foundry.
Eliminate the raiders inside and head into the bazaar.
Head through to the back of the bazaar and into a supply place.
At the back of this place off to the right down in a little cave is you guessed it!
Bobblehead number 3 "Barter".
That's 3/20 we're cooking now!
Anyway leave this place and head out of the Ravine.
Right now we are out of the ravine continue to head in the direction of the arrow.
Congratulations you have found Smith Casey's Garage.

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