Sunday, 14 December 2008

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 8

Part 8 of the journey has begun...

Right time to find vault 112.

Well enter Smith Casey's Garage.
Head behind the counter and through the door.
Flick the switch on the wall.
Head down the new passageway.
Continue down the metal stairs and enter the door to vault 112.
Move down the passageway and open the vault door.
Head through the door on the left and down the corridor through a second door.
Talk to the Robobrain and he will give you a vault 112 suit.
Put on the suit.
Looks nice!
Nice Fit!
Head through the door behind him and down the stairs.
Head right and then enter the door on the left.
Jump down and enter the empty pod.
Your In Tranquility Lane
Head to the left and enter the abandoned house.
This place is Creeeeeepppyyyyy!!!!
What wait this item makes a noise!
Lets hit them until something happens.
Find the correct order and a terminal appears.
Lets Play....
Activate the terminal.
Initiate the failsafe.
What have you done head outside and see.
Oh that's never good!
Head to the middle of the park and talk to the little girl.
Oh God what happened to your voice.
Have a chat then head through the door.
Hurray there's Dad it's about time!
Speak with him learn what he says then head on out of there and back to the wasteland.
Now fast travel to Rivet City.
Now fast travel to Megaton.
Enter Lucas Simm's house head upstairs and in one room there's the 4th Bobblehead.
On the desk you will find "Strength" 4/20 almost a quarter of the way there.

Part 9 to follow...

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