Sunday, 14 December 2008

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 6

Here we have part 6 and the search for Dad continues!

Here we are outside Rivet City, Lets Go find this Dr Li.

Start in the marketplace.
Visit the shops offload your gear and stock up on any items you need.
Oh and don't forget to get used equipment repaired don't want it breaking do we?
Head up the stairs and through the door to the upper deck.
Head down the corridor then down the stairs.
Head through the door on the left to the science lab.
Find Dr Li and speak with her.
Ask about your Dad.
Surprise Surprise! He's not here!
Where's he gone then?
Apparently he's gone off to Project Purity back in the Jefferson Memorial.
Remember that we passed it earlier.
But wait before leaving the lab take a look on the desk!
There it is Bobblehead Number 2 "Intelligence"
Pick it up and there we have 2/20.
Do what you have to do then Leave Rivet City.
Open Up your PIP BOY and quick travel to the Memorial.

Now we are here the entrance is right in front of you.
Head through the door to the gift shop.
Kill the super mutant as you enter.
At the 4 ways head right.
Take out the turret and any super mutants in here.
Head through this room and turn left.
Head straight forward to the door and enter the Rotunda.
Eliminate any super mutants in here.
Head up the stairs and on top of the machine in front of you right at the top of the stairs are 3 tapes pick them up.
Open your PIP BOY go to notes and listen to Entry 10.
Your Dad has gone to vault 112.
Leave the Building and head outside.
Fast travel to Megaton.
Prepare for a long walk!

Part 7....

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