Sunday, 14 December 2008

Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Issues

If you have purchased Guitar Hero World Tour and you are starting to notice problems with your drum kit then you more than likely have drum sensitivity issues. Redoctane and Activision has noticed these issues with the drum hardware also and have offered a fix allowing you to tune your drum kit via a piece of PC software. However to do this you must connect your drum kit to your PC via a cable. If you perform this fix your drum kit should work perfectly the way it was meant to without any need to return it to the shop so rejoice.

How do I get my hands on this cable you may ask?

Well head on over to the website below and answer the questions that follow and if you purchased you copy of World Tour within the last 90 days you will be sent the MIDI to USB cable required for the fix absolutely free. So go ahead go fix your GH woes.

Warranty Website For GH Fix

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