Monday, 22 March 2010

Old Modern Warfare 2 Glitches Are Back

Over the months since Modern Warfare 2 released the game has been plagued with many glitches and hacks that have ruined the experience for many gamers and have been heavily publicized.

Luckily every time Infinity ward have stepped up and fixed these issues within a reasonable time limit.

However now it would seem that all their work was for nothing the majority of these glitches have returned as hackers have found a new way to implement them.

The first being The Javelin glitch however now it is done using Semtex, the next is the ammo glitch allowing you to fire chopper ammo from your gun. Finally the Ice Skating glitch is back, I don't know how they have managed it but they are making Infinity Ward look stupid and are ruining the game for us all.

Xbox Live Deal of the Week Revealed 22/03/10

This weeks Xbox Live Deal of the Week is for Bethesda's amazing Fallout 3.

If you are yet to buy the GOTY edition then this for you every piece of Fallout 2 DLC is now available for just 400 MSP a piece.

If you have the game of the year edition or if you already brought them in the year they have been available then this is useless to you.....if only MS could pick something new for the Deal of the Week.

Frank West Spotted In Lost Planet 2

During the latest showing of Lost Planet 2 on Friday in London, something interesting cropped up.

While showing off the games customization options it was revealed that Frank West would be available as an in game skin.

Frank West will join Albert Wesker and Gears of War Duo.

It wasn't revealed what platform he will be available on but the showing was on a 360 so it's pretty certain he's at least on that.

Iron Man 2 Enemies & Destruction Trailer

Crackdown 2 Rocket Tag Gameplay

God of War Trilogy Announced For Europe

The God of War Trilogy has been officially announced for Europe. The collection will contain all 3 God of War games and will release on April 30th.

At the same time The God of War Collection will release containing the first 2 games, but to be honest you might as well just get them all.

The Trilogy will cost £64.99 and the collection will set you back just £24.99.

Brink To Take Customization "To The Next Level"

Splash Damage's Creative Director Richard Ham has come out and said that Brink will take customization in game "to the next level".

I'm not quite sure how to categorize the current level of in game customization but obviously changing every aspect of your body and face isn't quite good enough, and I say more is better.

Ham went on to say, "I think players are going to be really surprised by the sheer number of new items, abilities, weapons, weapon add-ons, and outfits they can earn as they play."

So there you have it I'm really looking forward to this game and Brink will release on the Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year.

New Trials HD Trailer Shows Off User Created Content

A new trailer released for Trials HD is attempting to get new people to pick up the game by showing off some of the content that players have created using the in game level design tools.

If you love creating content then you should check this out.....Or if you like mad crazy crashes, either way watch below now.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Hows Everyone Doing.......?

I've taken a step back from this blog for a while but I'm picking it back up this week and hopefully someone might see my work and give me a new writing position after my long stint as Chief Editor over at, I've gained some valuable experience now.

Gaming news 24/7 lets ride.....