Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Currently Playing 9/12/08

Well here is the first play diary for the blog. I've currently been playing Mirrors edge for the past few days. I'm currently up to chapter 4 and I'm really liking this game it's quick you can complete a chapter in about 20 mins to half hour so you can just pick up and play for a bit then happily walk away. I've unlocked about 6 achievements so far mainly the chapter complete ones and the tutorial complete so there's a good chunk of points just for completing the game for you achievement lovers. I'm currently working towards finishing the game and getting the no weapon achievement.

This in my opinion is a love hate kind of game if your doing well and it's all free flowing your jumping off walls and sliding under tubes it's incredibly enjoyable. However this game can get annoying very quickly when you come to certain parts where you get stuck on what to do or you stumble out of your flow a couple of times I've found myself in a corridor with no clue where to go and have had to turn to guides to help me that saps the fun out of this game quickly and it takes a while to get back into the exciting free flow gameplay afterwords.

The graphics of this game are beautiful a nice change to the grays and browns of recent games a nice white washed background of skyscrapers and construction sites. The character models that you encounter are of a high quality however the enemies look kind of same old same old if you've seen one you have seen them all. The enemies can get very annoying at various parts of the levels as if you try and take them head on you will be ripped to bullet holed shreds in seconds, and with only a few second disarm gap death comes quick and often.

But for its flaws it's a solid game with some re-playability with time trial modes for a quick review and only being half way through I'd give it a solid 8/10 and I'd recommended it if your looking for a change. A quick video of the tutorial level is included in the link below to help you decide.


I've also picked back up my Fallout 3 game in order to polish off the last few achievements in it such as killing 300 humans, hacking 50 terminals and collecting all the bobble heads. I just this second unlocked the pick 50 locks achievement so there's a few more points to add to my gamer score. I completed the main story just the other week and would recommend it to anyone no matter what kind of game your into it is a 360 must buy.

Well that's it for now enjoy and comments are always welcome.

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