Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Resident Evil 5 Demo - Japan

Again I know this is old news but I'm catching up.

The Resi 5 demo or "Biohazard" in Japan has been released to the market place. You might be thinking what good is this to me when is the Europe or NA release? However fear not as there is a way round this to allow you to be sitting at home comfy playing the demo within 10 minutes tops.

A link of how to do this is shown below and shouldn't take you to long to do.


I have personally been playing the demo and I'm impressed to be honest the graphics and gameplay are very very good, defiantly a must try. However the shooting mechanic annoyed me slightly due to me not knowing, that's even if it's possible, how to run and shoot at the same time.

Oh well try it out yourselves and I'll give you a full review of the demo at a later date.

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