Saturday, 13 December 2008

Need For Speed Might Be Over?

Due to the failing economy many business are having to make cuts and sadly people will lose jobs. This is also true of games companies such as Midway being very close to administration. The next to be hit are the untouchables EA. As a result of the declining economy they have announced that they will be cutting back on expenditure, and news is spreading across the net that it will be EA's Black Box division that get the cut.

Sadly this is the division that makes the Need For Speed titles so if this goes down the titles go with it. Due to reports of falling sales in NFS: Undercover and it not even making the top 20 in the NPD sales for November, there is also information that all future NFS projects have been canceled. EA spokesman Colin Macrae had this to say,

“These are challenging times, they’re uncertain times for our industry and across the board…We continue to be firmly rooted in Vancouver.”

Vancouver is where EA's Black Box division is located.

Could i be the end stay tuned for updates...

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