Saturday, 13 December 2008

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 3

Here we have Part 3 and we're on the search for Galaxy News Radio and Our Dad...

Right we're currently standing outside Megaton, time to find Dad.

Open up your PIP BOY and take a look at the Map.
See the dotted lines that's where we are headed so follow the line and head for the first dot.
Set off in an Easterly direction along the line.
Pop by the super Duper Mart and pick off the raiders outside for some items.
From the super duper mart look in the direction of the dot and you will see a metro station over the river.
I'll risk the few rads of poisoning and swim over the river.
Congratulations you have found Farragut West Metro Station.
Head down the steps and into the station.
Follow the linear path through the station until you come to some stairs down.
Head down those until you reach a set of metal stairs heading up at the top head through the door on the left.
Those Ghouls don't look friendly.
Activate the terminal and stop the gas flow.
Grab the gate key from the first aid box.
Head back out and unlock the gate in front of you take out the ghouls.
Head through the door in front of you ignoring the stairs.
Follow the stairs up and head through the door to Friendship station.
Whats this a sign pointing to Galaxy News Radio?
Follow it off to the right through the little connecting tunnel.
Turn right at the end and head up the tunnel.
Oh Dear Lord whats that!
It's our first Super Mutant take him down!
Once he's gone head up the escalator and follow the corridor to the exit.
Congratulations you have discovered Chevy Chase North.

Part 4 coming soon....

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