Saturday, 13 December 2008

Fallout 3 Play Diary - Part 4

Here we have Part 4 of our wasteland adventure.

Right we have emerged from the subway at Chevy Chase North, lets Find Galaxy News.

From the exit of the station head left in front you will see a destroyed building.
Head that way and you will come across 2 super mutants.
Lets take them on!
Battle with them until some soldiers come up to save you.
Speak with the Blonde one.
This is Lucy Captain of the Brotherhood of Steel.
Follow the Brotherhood as they wind there way through the destroyed buildings.
They will lead you to Galaxy News Radio and take a lot of bullets.
Congratulations you discovered GNR.
Now comes the fun part, what was that noise???
OMG It's a giant Behemoth RUNNNN!!!
Oh no wait lets fight it!
Once he falls rob its body and head into GNR.
Once inside head up the stairs and head into the studios.
Head up the stairs to the right and speak with 3 dog.
If your speech is high enough you can trick 3 dog into thinking your Dad can help.
If you are successful like I was then he will tell you your Dad went to Rivet City.
Lets Go!
Before heading off I suggest going back to Megaton to offload some stuff and restock.
I also popped into my house, which you get for disarming the Nuke.
In here there is a stand which you can activate and play your collected bobbleheads on, it looks good, so go place the medicine one on now.
Now Quick travel to Farrugut Metro Station and prepare for the journey to Rivet City.

Part 5 coming soon...

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