Monday, 15 December 2008

Warner Bros Increases Eidos Shares

Eidos' business dealings have been all but brilliant over the last year. Although they have been releasing games they racked up loses of £99 million in September. They have been the target of many a take over rumor from the likes of EA all the way to Square Enix.

However one company appears to be slowly but surely making move on Eidos and that is Time Warner or Warner Bros, the company already has a stake of over 40 million shares in Eidos and today they went and snapped up yet another 10 million shares as stated in the British magazine MCV. This takes Warner Bro's stake in Eidos to over 19%, it would appear only a matter of time before Warner Bro's make a move.

Especially considering that last year Warner Bro's purchased Travelers Tales, will Eidos be next on the list?

What does all this mean for the British gaming industry?

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