Friday, 12 December 2008

Reason Behind Rise Of The Argonauts UK Delay

Codemasters have stepped up and explained why there is no Rise of the Argonauts for us UK gamers. The game should have been on our store shelves last Friday along with the rest of Europe however as stated in an earlier post the date have been moved back to 6th Febuary 2009. The reason Codemasters says is due to a lack of retail space on store shelves at the present time, Codemasters issued the following statement.

"It was quite literally a retail issue,"

"We tried to get the game into retail here in the UK in line with everybody else, but they simply could not offer us the shelf space that the game deserved at such a busy time within the retail sector."

"As a result, we decided to hold back the UK launch of the game until we could get the shelf space we believe the title deserves."

So there you have it us UK gamers will just have to wait.

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