Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Some Metro 2033 Achievements Revealed

Today THQ revealed a short set of some of the achievements that will be included in Metro 2033 in order to wet our appetites for the final game.

You can check them out below.

Heavy Reader – Kill a librarian.

Ranger – Find all Ranger stashes in Dead City 1 and 2.

Exorcist – Complete levels “Ghosts” and “Anomaly” without dying.

Tank Buster – Destroy Fascists’ Panzer.

Raider – On the level “Depot” silently kill the first guard and break into the Fascist station unnoticed.

Fugitive – Complete level “Armory” without getting caught.

DJ Artyom – On the level “Outpost” reach the radio tower and broadcast the commander’s message.

Merciful – Complete the level “Black” without killing any Fascist Soldiers.

Soft Touch – Disarm 10 wire traps.

Scrooge – Save 500 military grade rounds.

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