Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Puzzle Arcade Heading to XBLA Next Week

It has just been announced that Puzzle Arcade will be making its way to the XBLA next week on Wednesday 24th December how about that fro a Christmas present.

The XBLA title will come attached with a 800 MS point price tag.

Puzzle Arcade also presents multiplayer fun with 4 player offline co-op as well as support for 4 player online co-op via Xbox live, so up to 4 people can work on the same puzzle either together or against each other which will probably lead to many a frantic scrabble for pieces. There are also leaderboards so you can track your puzzling abilities against the rest of the world.

Who knows maybe translating a jigsaw puzzle into a video game will work and might be the next big thing....then again it might not.
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Free Image Hosting at

I have also included a list of achievements for Puzzle Arcade for those who love them.

Love That Puzzle—Complete the same puzzle in Classic and Turbo modes. (5 points)

5*250—Build 5 puzzles of 250 pieces or more. (10 points)

First Timer—Complete your first puzzle. (5 points)

Puzzle Picture Collector—Complete all Picture Puzzles. (15 points)

Kilopiece Colossus—Build a Classic mode puzzle with at least 1,000 pieces on Expert. (20 points)

Beat the Bots—Beat 2 or more AI players on a puzzle with 100 pieces or more. (10 points)

Puzzle Party—Join 2 or more friends on the same console to build a puzzle with at least 200 pieces. (10 points)

Xbox Live Puzzle Party—Join 2 or more Xbox Live players to build a Classic Co-Op puzzle with 300 pieces or more. (20 points)

Puzzle Champ—Win 5 Xbox Live Turbo Mode games. (25 points)

Fractal Fan—Finish a Fractal Puzzle with 2 levels. (15 points)

Fractal Fanatic—Finish a Fractal Puzzle with 3 levels. (30 points)

Ultimate Challenger—Complete all 20 Puzzle Challenges. (35 points)

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