Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Resident Evil 5 Demo Confirmed US

The Resident Evil 5 demo that has been available since last month in Japan, the one that many tried to download and play before Microsoft went and pulled the plug. Well Capcom have announced an actual US version of the demo.

Capcom announced at their Co-op Multiplayer event in San Francisco last night that the US demo will be released early 2009.

Capcom have also confirmed that the demo will also be seeing a PS3 release.

The event also showcased some unseen levels, and I'm sure details will emerge of those soon.

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Quindaro said...

Great blog! For a look on the PS3 side check out my blog as well.

Pleth said...

I am hearing its a rehash of the last RE but with better graphics. Also, when you draw your weapon and aim you cannot strife. You are stuck where you stand unless you let go of aim. I understand this is for dramatic effect, the zombies closing in, etc but I reeeeeeally like being able to move around while in zoom.

Thomas said...

You can download the files and play the Japanese Demo on your English Xbox. I have done this by burning the files to a DVD and then playing on my own box... it works. Also the speech and subtitles are in English for some reason even though the icon you select to play the demo is in Japanese!!