Sunday, 31 January 2010

Mass Effect 2 Face Database Launched

Taken a lot of time over crafting your Shepard's face in Mass Effect 2? Wish others could admire your hard work? Well now they can.

When you design a face in Mass Effect 2 a unique code is generated at the bottom of the screen this code can be used by others in order to have exactly the same face as you.

You can head on over to this database to see a collection of peoples codes and submit your own, most codes have pictures and descriptions included.

"This was done very quickly (took me about 3 hours) so I know it looks a bit ugly right now. I'll try and get one of my graphic designer friends to whip up a header or maybe even a full skin for it later this week," wrote the creator.

Oddly with he inclusion of these codes you would have expected BioWare to have created an official version of this.

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