Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New Halo Reach Details

The latest issue of German gaming magazine, GamePro has some new information on Halo Reach. Bungie haven't shared to much information so far about the title but take a look at the new information below.

- GamePro was able to play 2 full missions of Halo: Reach

- Self-sufficiency and a darker flair are the fundamental elements.

- The story takes place on the planet "Reach", will have its "own character" and is brought to life thanks to inhabitants and localities

- Halo: Reach is set to only play on the planet surface. There will be no underground or space levels.

- variety in locations: hilly territories, a gothic flair building on a wooded level, clinical labs, dark industry complexes and big city districts.

- new, different cutscenes. Bungie wants to get a shaky hand camera feeling to create a more "dirty" feeling

- Motion Capturing is first introduced to the series

- Enemy Design: Primar goal was to create cruel and evil appearing alien enemies.

- New enemies include the "Skirmisher" which resembles the shackal from the original Halo.

- Bungie plans to double the amount of visible enemies onscreen.

- Halo: Reach's graphic engine is NOT new. It is a heavily modified Halo 3 engine.

- New weapons include a more slim assault rifle, a middle distance designated marksman rifle (DMR) and on the Covenant side, a "Needle Rifle" with familiarities to the "Needler" from previous games.

- A new helicopter-like and heavy armoured flight vehicle named "Falcon" will be included aswell. Creative director Marcus Lehto says its like the "Warthog of the sky"

- contact with civillians plays a more important role.

- brandnew weather system

- new sprint function for longer distances.

- very good AI

- GamePro summarizes: Halo: Reach has the look and feel of Halo 3, combined with the very best elements of Halo 1 (big levels, feeling of freedom) and Halo 2 (fights). The new elements play in fine with the rest of the game and have been cleverly thought through.

- No info on multiplayer yet.

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