Thursday, 11 December 2008

Fallout DLC To Change Ending!

Those of you that have finished the story of fallout 3 and have watched the ending, you are probably now waiting for the DLC packs to be released in order to keep the Fallout goodness going. Well the first pack will be out shortly as was detailed earlier. However this concerns the 3rd DLC pack known as "Broken Steel" and obviously involves the Brotherhood of Steel. However this piece of DLC happens after the end of the game and if you've seen the ending you'll now its very hard to carry on after it. It has been announced by Bethesda that they will be changing the actual ending of the game in order for this DLC to work. So those looking for an alternative ending stay tuned. The statement is below.

“In our third DLC, “Broken Steel,” we’ve come up with a way of allowing the player to continue on past the game ending… by changing it! You will not have to load in a new game to play any of the DLC material – though you will have to finish the main quest to experience most of what “Broken Steel” has to offer.”

Here's the Trailer for those unfamiliar with Fallout 3 and wish to try it :) TRAILER

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