Thursday, 11 December 2008

Mirrors Edge Review

Right here is the first of my reviews as promised. This time we will look at Mirrors Edge seeing as I finished the main story just a few hours ago. Seeing as this is the first of my reviews I will go over the format I will be using briefly.

1. No Spoilers
2. Review Based on 5 categories, Gameplay, Graphics, Story, Sound, Re-playability.
3. Scores for each section will be out of 10.
4. An overall score out of 10 with a brief overall conclusion of the game.

I hope you find my reviews helpful. (Please comment on any changes you would like to see to make my reviews better)

Mirrors Edge...

Gameplay - 7
The gameplay is very fun when it's flowing the way your character moves seems very realistic and sometimes your actually willing your character to reach out and grab a ledge on some of the really crazy jumps. However for all its fantastic gameplay mechanics wall jumps, wall runs, sliding, vaulting it can get very frustrating at times mainly the sheer few bullets that the main character can actually take before dying. When surrounded by machine gun armed enemies it can get annoying to see yourself ripped to shreds everytime you move. The combat system is fairly well done however is rarely needed due to there being little opportunity to fight anyone in the game unless you wish to get killed. With only a a 2 second gap to disarm some enemies you will find yourself dying a lot.

Graphics - 8
The overall presentation of this game is superb in my opinion the white washed buildings look amazing especially when you see little details such as the shadows reflecting off objects or the sun bouncing off a nearby skyscraper window. The areas which you run around are incredibly well done and are very easy on the eye allowing you to become immersed in the game quite easily. The cutscenes between each chapter are something a little different presented as little cartoons this can be good or bad depending on how you feel but i thought it worked well as they were well drawn. However this game falls slightly on it's in game character models they look slightly underwhelming when compared to the landscapes it's nothing major but it's enough to pull you out of the immersion of the game whenever characters appear on screen to talk.

Sound - 8
Although this game has no real soundtrack to base it on as during levels there is no music playing in the background apart from the odd occasion during fights. All you have to listen to in game are the various sounds of your character landing, running, jumping and sliding around various areas and off different surfaces. However I scored it highly due to these sounds they are spot on every surface sounds realistic and every landing gives you the feeling of that must have hurt which is good. However a backing track during levels might have added to the adrenaline while running round the city.

Story - 7
There isn't to much of a story to Mirrors Edge, there is one there it's just not that well explained this game is mainly about the thrill of the chase more than an actual goal. The brief story is that Faith the main character is what is known as a runner people who live on the edge of society and deliver messages to less discerning citizens via the rooftops. Faiths sister Kate is found to have murdered a man and it is up to Faith to prove her innocence. However Faith's past is not really explained very much nor is her real reason for being a runner bar a brief little conversation. Some more detail would have been nice.

Re-playability - 7
With the main story being able to be completed in less than 7 hours and only 9 chapters to it this is a very short game. However there are numerous time trial maps that will keep you entertained if you just like running around the city and also speed runs of the chapters are available if you like a challenge. Although replaying the story offers no new content so isn't really worth doing. Some unlockables might have been nice.

Overall - 7/8
This game is an amazing concept if some time is spent on fleshing it out and making the main story longer then it has the potential for a sequel hit. It's a great first entry to a franchise and I'm sure there will be more in this series. I'd recommend this game just for it being something different it offers a good thrill when your jumping over rooftops and wandering weather you can actually survive if you throw yourself off a building into the unknown. However be prepared to get very frustrated having to replay the same bit maybe 10 times to get it right.

Rent - Definite
Purchase - Recommend

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